Achieve a super smooth finish on your wood

Achieve a super smooth finish on your wood

Would you like to achieve a super smooth finish on your wood?

Do you have a wooden sculpture that needs finessing? Do you have a kitchen surface or furniture that needs sanding back to a fine finish?

Micro-Mesh will help you achieve the finish you need. It sands back wood to create an exceptional smooth finish to touch.

This would be particularly relevant if you make musical instruments, are working on a piece of wood to become a handle, gift, sculpture or giving your furniture a super smooth finish.

Micro-Mesh is super easy to use. In the video below, Lucy demonstrates how to use Micromesh on a shelf she is sanding down and with which she wants to achieve a super smooth finish.

She goes through a variety of grits, starting with 1500 Regular and finishing with 12000 Regular. She then goes over it with Micro- Mesh Finish liquid at the end. These grades are available in a starter kit which you can find here.

Lucy is just using Micro-Mesh sheets by hand. But you can buy Micro-Mesh in discs to use on an orbital sander if you have a larger piece of wood you are working with.

Why use Micro-Mesh on wood?  

Micro-Mesh is ideal for varnishing, restoring or simply getting a great gloss on your wooden surface.

Micro-Mesh is an incredible product. Moleroda is Europe’s largest distributor of Micro-Mesh from Micro-Surface in the USA.

Micro-Mesh is famous for polishing and cleaning aircraft windows and Transparencies,  but even if you don’t own an aeroplane, you can use it for polishing acrylic, glass, fibreglass, wood, granite, ceramic, copper, jewellery, marble, stainless steel and even fingernails.

Micro-Mesh is more flexible than sandpaper. It’s easier to get into small and irregular surfaces and the chance of scratching is reduced. From Model makers to the Aerospace industry there are products suitable for your polishing application on all surfaces. Micro-Mesh:

  • Produces a finer finish
  • Lasts 7 to 10 times longer
  • Achieves desired finish in fewer steps
  • Keeps cool when using

It really does make the wood exceptionally smooth. The finish is outstanding – above and beyond any other abrasive you can find.

Micro Mesh comes in a huge range of grits and grades

Micro Mesh comes in a variety of grades ranging from 180 grit – 1 micron. It also comes in a variety of sizes and shapes – so if you cant see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will try to help!

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