Abrasive Caps – Jiffy Caps

Abrasive Caps – Jiffy Caps

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Abrasive jiffy caps are a coated abrasive product, mandrel sold separately. The caps are firmly held, but easily changed.

Available in Aluminium Oxide (particularly good for steel) although also available in Coolant filled Corundum Green for Heat resistant steels.

Available in 3 different shapes and 3 grades.

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£12.78£102.34 incl VAT

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Abrasive Caps

Abrasive caps in 3 shapes and 3 grits

Aluminium Oxide / corundum abrasive for working on all metal surfaces.

Pointed Cone, Flat and Rounded shapes available 

Coarse 80g, Medium 150g and Fine 320g.

Abrasive Jiffy caps are used for deburring and smoothing ferrous and non ferrous metals. The seamless design makes them function smoothly. The different shapes will get into various areas. The rubber mandrel is particularly secure thanks to the slotted shape. Caps are easily removed but not easily dislodged whilst running.

Jiffy caps must be used with Jiffy Cap Mandrels (supplied separately). Available on a 3mm and 1/8″ mandrel these jiffy caps are ideal for use with Micromotors, flexshaft machines and air tools.

Recommended Max Speeds:

  • 5mm dia. – 45,000rpm
  • 7mm dia. – 32,000rpm
  • 10mm dia. – 22,000rpm
  • 13mm dia. – 17,000rpm
  • 16mm dia. – 14,000rpm

Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg

Flat Jiffy Caps, Round Jiffy Caps, Cone Jiffy Caps

Ref. & Size (mm)

JC5 Flat 5 x 10, JC7 Flat 7 x 12, JC10 Flat 10 x 15, JC13 Flat 13 x 19, JC16 Flat 16 x 26, JC5 Rounded 5 x 11, JC7 Rounded 7 x 13, JC10 Rounded 10 x 15, JC13 Round 13 x 19, JC16 Round 16 x 26, JC5 Cone 5 x 11, JC7 Cone 7 x 13, JC10 Cone 10 x 15, JC13 Cone 13 x 19, JC16 Cone 16 x 26

Aluminium Oxide Grit

80g Coarse, 150g Medium, 320g Fine


100, 20