Micromesh Grades Conversion Chart

Micromesh Grades Conversion Chart

Micro Mesh conversion chart

Micromesh is made with a cloth backing, followed by a layer of specially formulated latex.

Microcromesh grades come in Silicone carbide or Aluminium oxide. The grit is bonded on the ultra fine cloth with flexible glue and is perfect for polishing, cleaning and finishing.

See micromesh flexi-files in action here.

micromesh roll

What Makes Micromesh different?

The beauty of Micromesh material is that when pressure is applied the crystals recede and rotate slightly to present their sharp cutting edges evenly across the surface.
This creates a very fine, uniform scratch pattern. The larger crystals result in a longer lasting material that resists loading and heat build up.

Can be used with water, lapping fluid or used dry, it can even be rinsed and reused making Micromesh the economical choice for professionals in a wide range of industries.

So what Micromesh should I use? We have 4 different types of micromesh grades.


9 micromesh grades ranging from 1500 through to 12000. This is equivalent to FEPA 600g to 1 micron.

All grades are Silicon Carbide except 8000 and 12000 which are Aluminium Oxide.

Typical Applications:

Plastics, coatings, paint, varnish, wood and soft metals such as brass and precious metals.


In 13 micromesh grades from 60MX through to 1200MX. This is the equivalent to FEPA 240g to 3 micron.

All grades are Silicon Carbide except 800 and 1200 which are Aluminium Oxide.

MX provide the same fine finish as REGULAR, but has a faster cutting action, making it superior for hard surfaces.

Typical Applications:

Metal and hardwood – surgical instruments, engine components, molds and dies, knives, shears etc.


In 7 micromesh grades from 300AO through to 12000AO. The is the equivalent to FEPA 180g to 1 micron.

A yellow colour material, all grades are Aluminium Oxide.

Typical Applications:

Solid surface countertops such as Corian. 300 AO will removes machined milling marks in unfabricated solid surface.

For polishing aluminium surfaces such as leading edges of aircraft.


In 12 micromesh grades from 40MXD through to 1800MXD. The equivalent to FEPA 180 to 1 micron.

Cloth backing, ultra flexible diamond sheets for finishing critical surfaces. High performance, long lasting diamond abrasive that provide lower RAs while removing 30-70% less surface stock than conventional abrasives.

Use on hard metal alloys, ceramic and stone.

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