Flex-Hones for Internal Bore Finishing

Flex-Hones for Internal Bore Finishing

Flex-Hones (A wide range can be supplied, please contact us for more options).

Flex-hones are used for cross hole deburring and internal bore surface finishing.

For heavy applications, where a very even finish is rewired Flex-Hones are the best tool for the job.

The usual grade would be 180g Silicon Carbide.  This will remove material, as opposed to abrasive nylon and stainless steel which will only remove the burrs.


Flex-Hones for Internal Bore Finishing are available in Silicon Carbide, Aluminium Oxide, Boron Carbide, Tungsten Carbide & Aluminium Zirconium with grits ranging from 40-320g.

Due to the large number of sizes and grits available, not all are listed. Please contact us if you require something different (See the chart in the images).

Please note that there is a 7-10 days lead time for all Flex-hones 

Flex-Hones for Internal Bore Finishing


  • With a heavy duty flexible shaft machine you can use up to 1.1/2” diameter brushes.
  • You can use up to a 10mm diameter brush with our LY128 machine
  • Can be used to improve the internal surface finish while also being able to deburr a bore or cylinder.
  • Flex Hones provide the benefit of removing loose, torn and folded metal and creating a substantially flat or plateau surface.
  • Flex Hones are also used for burr removal from cross-drilled holes and slots.
  • Flex Hones are not designed for heavy duty material removal, they do not correct bore geometry or shape.  Instead they improve the surface finish.

To take a look at our other products, including our RODA Range check out our You Tube channel. 

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