Moleroda Featured Product Ranges

Moleroda manufactures and stocks the largest selection of deburring, finishing and polishing tools in the UK. You will find a number of product ranges in our online shop. Below are some of our featured ranges, where you can click through to detailed information about each range.

Sunburst Range

Sunburst Radial wheels for cleaning and polishing are a unique range of thermoplastic-bonded abrasives. They are ideal for deburring, finishing, cleaning and polishing metals, plastics, acrylics, ceramics and woods. Use with precision flex- shaft tools and micro-motors, bench & variable speed angle grinders. Preferred choice for CNC machines and robotics where conformability and durability are key.


Roda Point

Roda MX points

Roda MX points will allow you the precision and cut that no other stock removal or deburring product can give. They allow for more control when blending than using a carbide burr. Our specialist MX Points allow the removal of material without changing part geometry.

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Micro-Mesh Range

Micromesh – the cushioned abrasive is a wonder product. Moleroda is Europe’s largest distributor of Micromesh.

Micromesh is famous for polishing and cleaning aircraft windows and Transparencies,  but even if you don’t own an aeroplane, you can use it for polishing acrylic, glass, fibreglass, granite, ceramic, copper, jewellery, marble, stainless steel and even fingernails.



The RODA range from Moleroda

RODA is a superior range of polishing and deburring products for precision finishing. RODA products are manufactured right here in our UK factory. Each product consistently over-delivers on performance and efficiency.  

The RODA range includes:

  • RODA NyWheel
  • RODA Point
  • RODA NyMop
  • RODA Felt

Polishing Tools & Equipment

Browse the full range of Polishing Tools & Equipment from Moleroda. If you can’t find what you are searching for, please get in touch. We supply over 3,000 products, but we can source or manufacture bespoke products to suit your polishing needs.

Deburring Tools & Equipment

See the full range of Deburring Tools & Equipment from Moleroda here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us. We manufacture and supply over 3,000 products. We can also source or manufacture bespoke products to suit your needs.