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RODA Point
If you have a burr, all you need is RODA Burr! Developed with experienced deburring professionals, specifically constructed to provide high performance deburring suitable for use on all materials. Available in Unitized and MX.

The Benefits
  • RODA Point is made in our UK factory
  • Our points can be made to bespoke shapes and sizes.
  • The points can be dispatched next day.
  • The material is very good for at line and mark removal.
  • The material cuts quickly.
  • Points are available on a range of spindles e.g. 6mm, 3mm and 2.35mm (3/32″).
  • They are ideal for use in a range of precision tools such as micromotors, pendant motors, air tools, hobby tools.
  • Unitized material is used to smooth, deburr, remove spues, remove machine lines.
  • Points are particularly good for working inside bores including rings.
  • It works well on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Although it behaves differently on each metal, the finish is always bright and easy to polish up.
  • Aluminium- Good for machine line removal, light and heavy marks and burrs. They leave a good finish with no pickup.
  • Stainless Steels- They clean up light marks & stains in one hit, leaving a good finish.
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Abrasives for Power Tools

RODA MX Points – 125GFX

£20.39£27.59 incl VAT
£42.77£61.36 incl VAT
£6.59£7.75 incl VAT

Abrasives for Power Tools

RODA Unitized Points

£3.00£35.94 incl VAT
£17.29£37.69 incl VAT