Rosler Drag Finishing, Grinding and Polishing system

Rosler Drag Finishing, Grinding and Polishing system

Rosler Drag Finishing machines for high energy system for fast and effective automatic grinding and polishing applications. Parts are mounted on to a spindle dragged through media; this enables fast processes of delicate parts which require no contact with each other during processing. Rosler has designed and manufactured a drag finishing system with combines functionality with innovative equipment design which a professional drag finishing technology. Rosler Drag Finishing machines are the automated finishing of high value, delicate components, and components with many contours, even finishing complex geometry. Another benefit is the automated finishing of extremely hard materials which are difficult to consistently and cost effectively hand finish. Drag finishing is very intense and is the most powerful system Rosler offers – much more effective than vibratory finishing and also high energy disc machines – drag machines are the most effective at metal removal and polishing.

Rosler Drag Finishing machine automatically grinds, deburrs and polishes.

Precision parts are loaded onto spindles which are spun and twisted on a rotating spinning carousel this is then lowered into a mass of either ceramic, plastic or polishing media where the parts are dragged though the mass of media as the parts are also spinning an even finish is created.

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Rosler Drag Finishing: Finishes Achieved

The action of the dragging of parts through media is much powerful than traditional vibratory finishing and more powerful than high energy disc or centrifugal process. This means that process times are much shorter in a drag machines, this allows particularly for polishing a higher clarity and reflectivity to be achieved in a short amount of time.

  • Surface grinding
  • Deburring
  • Edge breaking
  • Radiusing
  • Surface flattening and smoothing
  • High glass polishing both wet and dry systems.

Drag finishing is suitable to use on a range on materials from all metals from precious metals to titanium parts. And also process would support finishing plastic items as well as other items. The drag process might require 2 or 3 stages to take a machined part to a mirror finish this can be automated with multiple bowls. Robotic loading and unloading is also available.

Applications for Rosler Drag Finishing

  • Orthopaedic implants including knees and hip joints – grinding and polishing allowing finishing from a machined finish to a mirror reflective finish with in one machine.
  • Milling and cutting tools – finishing of cutting edge and chip flute treatment.
  • Engine components – cams connecting rods pistons vales
  • Ball valves
  • Aerospace turbines
  • Sintered parts and 3D printed parts
  • Tool and die moulds
  • Jewellery items in precious metals.
  • Tablet punches and plunges
  • Dental implants
  • Gears and pinions
  • Tool holders and tool clamping systems
  • Decorative parts

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