ENESKA postprocess system

ENESKA postprocess system

The ENESKA postprocess system focuses on safety and versatility:

  • Employee Health

    Enclosed workstation protects your technicians from inhaling toxic metal powders.

  • Minimal Explosion Risk

    Completely earthed design prevents sparks from reactive chemicals.

  • Full Functionality

    Large working platform accommodates support removal and grinding tasks.

  • Advanced Filtration

    Vacuum sealed chamber collects metal powders (99.995% filtration efficiency).

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The ENESKA postprocess system is a revolutionary step forward in the growing field of post processing 3d manufactured parts.
The standard of safety during manual postprocessing is of upmost importance. Protective suits are often only worn during individual working stages and are of no help against the risk of deflagration. Moreover, the working areas are not protected from invisible airborne dusts, which are usually underestimated.
This is precisely where the ENESKApostprocess can help you.

Particular caution is required when processing reactive materials. In this case, it is not only the dusts that can ignite through friction; the material is also highly flammable and therefore carries higher risks of explosion and deflagration. A special moisture extractor with 5-fold filtration and explosion protection according to ATEX standard guarantees safe work. An integrated liquid bath binds the reactive particles which are thus unable to develop their explosive effect.

Titanium or aluminium are the common materials that most users recognised as reactive, but many alloys also have references to minimum ignition energy in their data sheets.

ENESKA postprocess system is:

• suitable for materials with a minimum ignition energy above one mJ
• with explosion protection according to ATEX standard
• moisture separator suitable for zone 22
• 5-fold filtration
• extraction capacity / volumetric flow: max. 350 m3/h
• materials to be processed: incl. among others aluminium and titanium
• incl. FSX automatic fine dust measuring system (for further information, see Order no. 0 210 306)
• optionally with height adjustment (Order no. 0 210 012)

Working chamber dimensions (W x D x H): 930 x 790 x 250-600 mm
Lighting: approx. 5,000K / approx. 3,300 lm, dimmable
Device dimensions (W x H x D): 1300 x 1500 x 1790 mm
Supply voltage: 400 V / 16 A
Weight [kg]: 600 kg

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