Ceramic Deburring Tool (Knife)

Ceramic Deburring Tool (Knife)

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This ceramic scraper is light weight and easy to use. The very hard and resistant ceramic blade will not dig in and will chamfer, deburr and de-flash plastic and aluminium. A very smooth edge is created and very little or no wear on the blade. Using scalpel blades for deburring is common place in plastic engineering companies but with more consideration to wellbeing and health and safety of operatives many companies are finding an excellent alternative in the Moleroda Ceramic De-burring knives.

The Ceramic Deburring tool  is a totally safe and long-lasting blade that can deburr and deflash any hard plastics, as well as non-ferrous metals such as Aluminium.

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Ceramic Deburring tool

£34.85£42.19 incl VAT

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Ceramic deburring tool

Ceramic Deburring tool are fast becoming popular and replacing metal knives and scrapers. They are excellent at deburring / edge braking on any soft metal such as aluminium or brass. This ceramic knife is also excellent on plastics for removing flash or burrs.

Ceramic deburring tool benefits:

  • These ceramic knives are light weight and easy to control and handle for repetitive work.
  • Very safe to use, they do not have a sharp blade but use the hard ceramic edge to smoothly scrape. No Risk of cutting.
  • They do not dig in or jutter as you scrape, the ceramic deburring tool leaves a very smooth even finish.
  • They are very cost effective as the ceramic edge is long lasting and do not need replacing unlike other scrapers.

The ceramic material deburrs easily and allows operators true flexibility and complete safety. There are Two Blade Sizes:

  • Small – 6mm (w) x 26mm (l)
  • Standard – 15mm (w) x 40mm (l)

See our Micro-Mesh flexi files here, which will aid in the deburring process.

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