Expander Wheels – Tapered Bore

Expander Wheels – Tapered Bore

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Expander Wheels –  a quick way to turn a polishing lathe into a linisher

90 x 50mm or 150 x 38mm



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£131.55£133.84 incl VAT

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Expander wheels

This expander wheel is used on a bench polisher or bench grinder to hold abrasive linishing belts this allows grinding and abrasive deburring and cleaning on all metal without buying a belt linishing machine. The wheel expands as it spins holding the belts safely onto the wheel. It is similar to a contact wheel but the rubber expands with centrifugal force and holds the belt.

Expander wheels come in two sizes:

  • 150mm x 38mm (taper bore) – ideal for using with a polisher with pigtails or tapered mandrels on the ends. Run at 4,500 rpm max.

    Takes any belts 475 x 38mm we offer and range of belts in this size for many applications.

  • 90mm x 50mm (taper bore) – ideal for portable machines, when operating with no load run at less than 6,000 rpm.

Takes belts 295 x 50mm – see photo – belts not supplied with this wheel . Click Here for belt 

Uses: These expander wheels are a very cheap and easy way to grind and linish all metals and plastics. The wheel stays flexible and allows a lot of accurate work to be done.

This tool would be at home in any metal workshop – fabricators, polishers, foundry. A huge range of abrasive belts are available to fit onto this expanda wheel which makes is very easy and cheap to use.

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90mm x 50mm, 150mm x 38mm

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