Metal Component Mass Drying Systems – Vibratory maize, Belt, drum and Centrifugal dryer systems

Metal Component Mass Drying Systems – Vibratory maize, Belt, drum and Centrifugal dryer systems

Rosler offer a range of drying, washing and passivating systems for mass finishing applications. Rosler offer many systems which generally would link up automatically after a vibratory finishing process, these systems are often linked via conveyor belts or vibratory conveyors to ensure a quality finish with minimal labour costs. Rosler have a range of machines – Rotary Dryers being the most popular but other belt, drum and centrifugal system also commonly used.

Rotary dryer RT… Euro

Drying and polishing with drying agents to give immaculate, shiny surfaces. The rotary dryer is filled with drying media commonly being maize or walnut shell, the wet components are loaded into the machine continuously, or in batch via a loading chute. Wet components travel automatically through the pre-heated drying media around the process chamber and are then separated on a polyurethane coated separation screen.  Drying offers several benefits, fast drying of wet parts, prevents corrosion or rusting of parts, creates a polished shiny surface finish. Presents the parts in a perfect uniform finish in an efficient quick and easy system.

Belt Dryer

Rosler have a range of Automatic Drying systems for metal components which feed through air drying systems with chain, belt conveyor or vibrating conveyer systems. This range of machines is normally used for large and small components that are sensitive to damage. Heavy components or parts with many different sizes of holes are especially suited to this type of machine.

Drum dryer R … TT

High performance machine for drying and polishing cup-shaped or flat components which would otherwise carry out drying media or ‘blank’ the separation sieve in rotary dryers.

Centrifugal Dryers R … HTZ

The Rösler series HTZ centrifuges are ideal for stain-free drying of small parts, whilst preventing components from becoming tangled together.

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