Deburring Abrasive Nylon Tube Brushes on 6mm Shank (GTS)

Deburring Abrasive Nylon Tube Brushes on 6mm Shank (GTS)

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Abrasive nylon tube brushes on a 6mm shank.

These twist in wire brushes are ideal for deburring and cleaning of any bore or hole.

Abrasive nylon tube brushes can be used by hand but as they come on a 6mm shank they can be used with a slow speed drill or you can use then on a lathe or CNC machine for a more automatic deburring process.

Designed to be used in a slow speed, high torque machine.

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£7.25 incl VAT

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Abrasive Nylon Tube Brushes Uses:

Abrasive nylon tube brushes are used for:

  1. Deburring cross holes or edges in bores – These abrasive nylon tube brushes are excellent for removing burrs in any metal components. They work effectively in both Aluminium / softer metals and Steels / harder metals. very similar to twist in wire brushes, Flex Hones,  bottle brushes. The twisted abrasive nylon is hard abrasive consequently it has good cut but in the finer grades it will leave a very smooth finish. The abrasive will not cause too much damage to the bore or start of the hole unlike other metal twist in wire or flex holes.
  2. Cleaning Bores and holes – These can also be used for cleaning and polishing bores. Select the finer grades for a softer application.

Abrasive nylon tube brushes Sizes and Grades available:

These are available in sizes from 5mm diameter to 24mm diameter. Please select the right diameter to fit the bore.

  • 120 grit is a medium grade good for steels and harder metals or heavy larger burrs
  • 240 grit is a fine grade suitable on most metals and leave a good finish.
  • 320 grit Extra fine grade. This will leave a good finish and good for finer burrs also using with lapping fluid or lubrication would leave a finer finish.

Abrasive nylon tube brushes how to use them:

  • by hand – We recommend using some lubrication because it might make this an easier job due to the brush being commonly used in a tight in the bore.
  • with a drill or tool – we recommend manually winding in first of all and then spinning with a drill or tool – slow speed, high torque would be best. This is the most popular method and creates good results we have found. Great for cross hole deburring.
  • In your CNC machine – for automatic deburring application where you want to remove burrs in your machining sequence. This is proving very popular as machining centres are becoming more technical with more tool options. These are mounted onto a 6mm shank, as a result they are easy to hold in CNC machines.

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Size - Grit

16mm diameter 240grit, GTS 16mm diameter 120grit, GTS 13mm diameter 240grit, GTS 13mm diameter 120grit, GTS 10mm diameter 240grit, GTS 10mm diameter 120grit, GTS 08mm diameter 320grit, GTS 08mm diameter 120grit, GTS 06mm diameter 320grit, GTS 06mm diameter 120grit, GTS 05mm diameter 320grit, GTS

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