Jewellery Making Tools and Equipment

Jewellery Making Tools and Equipment

Jewellery Making Tools & Equipment

Moleroda manufactures and supplies polishing tools, abrasive tools, and other equipment used in the Jewellery making industry.

We supply jewellery making tools and equipment to industry professionals and hobbyists all over the world. Avoid low quality imitations and buy DIRECT from our UK factory.

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We also Supply a range of jewellery making tools, equipment, and other well-known brands which complement the products we manufacture. We sell Foredom, Faro, Milbro pendant motors, MicroMesh, 3M Radial Discs, Vallorbe Needle Files, Compounds including Menzerna, Dialux and Cannings and abrasives such as Matador wet & Dry, Artifex and Cratex to name a few.

Mounted Tools

Small mounted tools can be used with a Pendant Dill (flexi shaft) or Micro Motor system. These tools can be abrasive for grinding or for polishing. Many of these Tools are made on site at Moleroda.


Radial Discs

These little tools are highly popular due to the flexibility and fine grades. can be used on all metals for texturing and polishing.
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Diamond Points

Diamond points can be used on a whole range of materials including metals, gemstones, glass, stone, hard wood, ceramic, shell and porcelain. These points come in a range of shapes for grinding metals, ceramics, glass and even plastic.
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Felt Points

Particularly popular with jewellery trade customers. Felt tips are used for polishing in tight spaces and detailed items. Mounted points in a variety of shapes will suit a huge range of uses because felt is a universal material for polishing.
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Yarn, calico chamois mops

These small mounded calico polishing mop are excellent for metal polishing. Calico used with polishing compound will bring up a mirror finish on most prepared metal surfaces.
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Carbide burr blending machine lines on a turbine

Micro Burrs

Small Carbide burrs a very useful for stone setting also cutting and grinding.
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View flick wheels & brushes

Flick wheels & brushes are used for giving metals different textures and finishes. See our full range here.
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Nylon Wheels

Nylon wheels are used for texturing and cleaning up all metals. We manufacture these little mops and they are available in 9 grades.
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RODA Unitized Point

Unitized points

Unitized it great for cleaning up fire scale and texturing
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Compounds for Polishing

For Polishing precious metals like Gold and Silver and even brass and aluminium a polishing compound must be used to get that great shine. We stock many options for a range of applications.

Rouge compound

Our range of polishing compounds to achieve the perfect finish on various materials. Rouge is a traditional polishing compound for precious metals.
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Tripoli & other bars

Compound bars for metal finishing from first cutting stages to final finish. Compounds available to suit all metals. Menzerna and Tripoli.
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Grinding and cleaning up Jewellery is often a tricky task. we have a range of items below to be used by hand or on a bench polisher.


Abrasive Wheels

Moleroda's own brand of Abrasive nylon wheels are perfect for use on a bench polisher for texturing and cleaning.
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Mico-Mesh is an ultra-fine polishing cloth for ultra-fine polishing and cleaning. Ideal for plastic, glass, acrylics, aluminium, and steels.
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Wet & Dry Matador

Used to give different finishes, most commonly on metal. Depending on the grade selected, different finishes can be achieved.
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Various types, profiles, and cross sectional shapes makes files useful in tight and unusual areas.
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Mops & Wheels

Hundreds of different types of mops and wheels for all types of applications and finishes.
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Machines are great at speeding up boring jobs. Files and hand tools often take time. We offer time, wrist and finger-saving machines. Bench polishers and micromotors are a work-bench must have.

Carbide burr blending machine lines on a turbine

Micro Motors

Ideal for jewellery making and in precision engineering, excellent value for money. Perfect for beginners and professional Jewellers alike.
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Bench Polishers

Bench polishers and grinders used for all general grinding and sharpening in workshops.
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Pendant machines

For polishing and finishing and general metal work. Pendant motors offer easy movement for fine detail work. Pendant motors are widely used in the UK Jewellery Trade.
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These lights are commonly used by jewellers and precision engineers. A must for any inspection room but also essential involving fine detailed work.
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Optivisors and magnifiers are used by jewellers and precision engineers. A must for anyone carrying out fine detailed work.
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Carbide burr removing support structures on printed part

Polishing equipment

Huge range of machines and tools for polishing jewellery and other materials used in the jewellery making process.
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Polishing compounds

Wide range of finishing compounds. All types of materials and finishes.
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Ultrasonic Cleaning & Laser Welding

Moleroda supplies various ultrasonic cleaning and laser welding tools for the application of jewellery making, cleaning and polishing.
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Mounted tools

Much of our range of mounted tools have jewellery making applications. You'll find our range of mounted tools throughout our catalogue.
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Wheels, Mops, Cones

Huge range of wheels, mops and cones for all types of jewellery making applications.
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Hand tools

Wide selection of hand tools used for jewellery making, polishing and deburring. Hand tools are a very traditional method in the process of jewellery making.
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KIT 62

Special Offers & Polishing Kits

See our range of handy polishing kits and special offers. Perfect for jewellery making hobbyists and professionals alike.
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Magnifiers, Lights & Aprons

Different machines are available for different applications, from bench grinders to precision drills.
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More Jewellery Making Tools & Equipment

Moleroda specialises in Polishing and Deburring of all types of materials. We also supply and manufacture hundreds of jewellery making tools and equipment. Browse our online shop.
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Moleroda manufactures and supplies all of the jewellery making tools and equipment you need for great jewellery craft or industry level production. Whether you’re a jewellery making novice in need of the basics, or a leading professional – Moleroda has everything you need.

Buy high quality UK produces jewellery making tools, equipment and other products, at wholesale prices. If you can see what you need, browse our shop, or get in touch.

Jewellery Making Tools - Best Sellers (products)

Moleroda manufactures and supplies an extensive range of jewellery making tools and jewellery polishing and deburring equipment. Here’s just a small selection of our best selling products: