Pendant Wool Mop Mounted Cotton Yarn – 22mm Dia. (2.35mm Sp.)

Pendant Wool Mop Mounted Cotton Yarn – 22mm Dia. (2.35mm Sp.)

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Pendant wool mop or Mounted cotton yarn mops are mounted on a 2.35mm (3/32″) spindle. These soft mops are sometimes call wool mops, they are extremely soft making them ideal for the final polish. The threads are very flexible which helps them to shape and move into detail.

Sold per pack of 10.

£7.45 incl VAT

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Pendant Wool Mop

Pendant wool mop – also know as a cotton yarn mop. You would use these wheels to impart the final shine on all metals, but particularly on precious metals.

  • Used for polishing with compound, especially final rouge polishing precious metals.
  • A traditional and very popular tool.
  • Mostly used with compounds such as Rouge, Dialux, Lea FF9 which have very little cut for final polishing.
  • 2.35mm mounted items are usually used with pendant motors, micromotors and hobby drills etc. but any tool taking a 2.35mm spindle is suitable.
  • Traditionally used by the jewellery trade but also popular with other detail polishers such as dental technicians.

For Jewellers

Also known as cotton yarn mops, fluffers…all sorts!

These wheels work brilliantly for the final polish on your jewellery. Be careful to keep them clean as any grit or lemel caught up in the mop will affect the finish and add scratches where you don’t want them. We advise keeping them in a little bag to keep them totally clean. Don’t use more than one compound on any one of these wheels.

We can particularly recommend them with high gloss Menzerna

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