Taper Cone (arbor) with internal thread

Taper Cone (arbor) with internal thread

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TAPER CONES (right hand only) – internal thread, ideal for turning your Angle Grinder into a polisher. You can then thread on mops and wheels and use your angle grinder in a different way. Available in:

  • M14 internal thread (most common for angle grinders)
  • 12mm internal thread
  • 1/2″ UNC internal thread
  • 1/8″ UNC Internal threads.
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£33.69£54.15 incl VAT

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Taper Cone

A taper cone can be used with angle grinders so they can be used as polishers.

Please check the diameter of the thread. M14 for a 4 1/2″ angle grinder is the most popular.

Please take care when using this tool. Angle Grinders can be very dangerous.

We recommend using 4″ mops no larger with an angle grinder.

Options Include:

M14 4 1/2” Grinders


1/8″ UNC internal thread

1/2” UNC internal thread

We would recommend a taper to go with the Flex Surface Finishing Machine LP 1503 VR making it a very versatile tool for all surface finishing jobs.


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M12, M14 (most popular), 1/8" UNC, 1/2" UNC