Quick Change Disc Holders

Quick Change Disc Holders

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Quick-change discs mandrels are used for holding the quick change abrasive discs

For use with all Quick-Change Discs – Simply select the diameter and shaft size required. Available on a 6mm shank or a 3mm shank. 

Quick and Easy to change discs – either when the previous disc has worn out or a different grit/grade is required.

A range of quick change abrasive discs are available to use with these mandrels.


Dia (mm) and shaft size
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£11.12£24.09 incl VAT

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Quick Change Disc Mandrels for abrasive discs

A whole variety of discs are available:

All these discs are available in a range of sizes:

19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm diameter.

These holders are designed for Quick Change discs only.

These quick change mandrels can be used in a range of tools. they work best in a Angled head machine like our Angled Die Grinder  this allows you to work easily on flat surfaces.

Additional Information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dia (mm) and shaft size

19mm Dia – 3mm shank, 25mm Dia – 3mm shank, 19mm Dia – 6mm Shank, 25mm Dia – 6mm Shank, 38mm Dia – 6mm Shank, 50mm Dia – 6mm Shank, 75mm Dia – 6mm Shank

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