RODA MX Points – For grinding and blending metal

RODA MX Points – For grinding and blending metal

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If you have a burr, all you need is RODA Point! Developed with experienced deburring professionals, specifically constructed to provide high performance deburring suitable for use on all materials.

RODA MX points are used for grinding and finishing metal components. They are useful for cleaning up welds, blending machine lines, they are excellent for edge breaking and chamfering on a range of materials from aluminium to harder metals such as Inconel.

RODA MX abrasive points cotton fibre impregnated with aluminium oxide grain. RODA MX Mounted points give a finer, shinier finish than conventional abrasive points with an equal grit. They have a good result on more difficult steels. They do not clog and offer a long working life.

RODA MCFLEX (Harder) has a harder bonding for longer life and more cut. Excellent blending on stainless steel. Great for smooth edge breaking and chamfering edges.

RODA GFX (Softer) is recommended for blending and polishing, as well as light stock removal.

Per pack of 10.

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£39.17£58.99 incl VAT

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RODA MX Mounted points are used for:

MX Mounted points are cotton bonded abrasive points used in a range of industry for a range of uses – this is due to the fact that they cut and blend metal material but leave a much smoother finish than other grinding points. Cool running, fast cutting, smoother chatter-free operation and non-loading on brass, aluminium and are also excellent on stainless steel and Titanium. They allow more control when blending, using a carbide burr too much material can easily be removed, MX allows removal of material without changing part geometry.

MX abrasive points are used in the Medical industry for blending, deburring hard steels and additive manufactured products. Tool and Die for polishing, cleaning and repairing tools. Fabrication – popular for working on welds for one operation for cutting and finishing. Precision engineering (Automotive, Aerospace etc.) for deburring, chamfer, cleaning castings, blending machine lines and polishing.

RODA MX mounted points have options of two of grade:

MCFLEX (Harder) has a harder bonding resulting in longer life and more cut. Excellent blending on stainless steel. This is excellent for edge breaking and Chamfering smoothly and chatter free.

GFX (Softer) is recommended for blending and polishing, as well as light stock removal. Excellent for runners, aluminium and stainless steel.

Supplied on a 3mm spindle. 1/8” and 3/32 (2.35mm) are also available, please contact us for this option.

What do you use my RODA MX Grinding points in:

These specific points on a 3mm spindle are suited for use with a flexible shaft system, micromotor or air tool.

A tool with speed control would be recommended to get the best use from the points. Either they will not cut or run smoothly or they might wear too quickly. see our recommended speeds:

Maximum RPM

W145 105,000rpm

W154 70,000rpm

W163 60,000rpm

W176 45,000rpm

W177 34,000rpm

W185 34,000rpm

MX points are usually used by precision engineers, mould tool polishers, jewellers and watchmakers.

Other MX abrasive products:

We also sell MX wheels which are suitable to use on a polisher. These are popular in the watchmaking industry.

For Weld blending, we also have a MX angle grinder dish which is perfect for polishing out welds.

Look at our new range of MX points here.


Take a look at what RODA Point can achieve in our video here.

Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg
Size (Width x Length mm)

W145 (3 x 10mm) on a 3mm spindle, W154 (5 x 13mm) on a 3mm spindle, W163 (6 x 13mm) on a 3mm spindle, W176 (10 x 13mm) on a 3mm spindle, W177 (10 x 20mm) on a 3mm spindle, W185 (13 x 13mm) on a 3mm spindle


MC-Flex (harder bonded), GFX (softer bonded)


80g, 120g, 180g, 320g

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