Mounted Cup Brushes in Bristle, Hair, Steel, Brass and Nylon

Mounted Cup Brushes in Bristle, Hair, Steel, Brass and Nylon

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Polishing Cup brushes are particularly useful for delicate cleaning and polishing of small or detailed items. The flexible bristles can access areas a standard mop will miss. Mounted cups are used for polishing and cleaning small detailed parts.

The flexible bristles can work their way into detail and tight spaces.

Mounted cups on 2.35mm and 3mm spindles in a variety of materials and sizes. – 3mm is used more in engineering and 2.35 in Dental and Jewellery making industry.

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£6.97£9.83 incl VAT

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Mounted Cup brushes are used for detailed polishing and texturing metal

Mounted cup brushes are available in:

Black and white bristle, nylon and hair. These should be used with Rouge or Diamond compounds to give all metals a mirror polish or indeed a texture.

Brass, steel and stainless steel cups. These can be used to create a brushed or sateen texture on metals including tool steel to precious metals such as gold and silver. Brass and Steel can also be effective at tearing off rubbish or plastic flash from injected moulded products.

Cup brushes are a useful shape when you are wanting to texture or polish down a hole or in a small space or slot. – pencils and wheels are also available

Use Cup Brushes With

Available on a 2.35mm and 3mm spindle these cups are used with pendant motors (flexshafts), Micromotors, Air tools or hobby drills. Tools do vary so it is important to check what spindle it will take. Bristle and hair cups are used with compound for polishing.

Used by

Mould tool polishers, Precision engineering, Model makers, jewellers, sculptors, to name but a few. 2.35mm mounted cups are particularly popular with jewellers and silversmiths.

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Weight 0.1 kg

2.35mm (3/32'') Spindle (Per 10), 3mm Spindle (Per 10)


15mm, 12mm, 10mm, 6mm


Black Bristle (Stiff), Steel, Brass, Grey Goat Hair (Soft), Horse Hair Medium, White Bristle, Black Bristle, White Nylon, Mixed Hair (Soft), White Hair Soft

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