The RODA Range

The RODA Range – deburring and polishing products made by Moleroda.

RODA is a superior range of polishing and deburring products for precision finishing. RODA products are manufactured right here in our UK factory. Each product consistently over-delivers on performance and efficiency.  Take a look at our video showcasing the whole range here. 

The only Surface Finishing and Deburring tool you need to complete your part! Developed alongside trusted engineers to specifically formulate high grade nylon products with finishing properties.

Available in sizes from 25mm to 40mm in various grades.

Colin Irving, Buyer at Walker Precision

“We have been buying RODA NyWheels for over 15 years. These mounted products give a great finish, they smooth the metal while taking the burrs off.  We supply a range of industries, including Aerospace and Satellite and work a lot with aluminium and the RODA NyWheels are the ideal tool for finishing our parts.”

The Lap Disk Mop with a difference, unlike any other current nylon mop RODA offers both deburring and finishing excellence using specially formulated technology. Time tested by industry professionals.

Available in various grades to suit the material and required finish.

Phil Pipe, Buyer at Norjon Precision Engineers Ltd

“At Norjon we have built and upheld a reputation for unrivalled quality of specialist precision engineered components. We therefore require every part we manufacture to have the exact finish our customer requires. We regularly use RODA NyMops in a range of grades to achieve the final finish. This is because RODA NyMops not only allow our team to work efficiently, increasing the speed of the output we can achieve, they also give a professional finish to every component we make. Whether we are removing machine lines, deburring or offering a machine brush finish, the RODA Range helps us to achieve the finish we require and ensure our reputation is upheld.”

If you have a burr, all you need is a RODA Point Developed with experienced deburring professionals, specifically constructed to provide high performance deburring suitable for use on all materials.

Available in Unitized and MX

The Professional Polishers tool of choice. Over 30 years of experience and knowledge has been used to develop a quality product like no other. Designed and manufactured in the UK alongside polishing specialists, RODA Felt is the market leader in specialist finishing.

Case Study:  Progressive Technology

Product:  RODA NyWheels

The Progressive Technology Group are market leading sub-contract engineers based in the South of England. Specialising in three areas; advanced machining, additive manufacturing and advanced materials – they produce complicated work to extremely high standards.  They require a finish on every component that is exacting, professional and will ensure their customers requirements are met.

Moleroda Finishing Systems have been working with Progressive Technology for many years, helping to ensure the finish their customers require can be achieved. One of the most popular products that Progressive use from Moleroda is RODA NyWheels. Dorin Milica, Quality Control Manager, at Progressive Technology explained why RODA NyWheels are so popular, When we want to remove sharp edges quickly, without effecting the surface finish, RODA NyWheels are the best tool for the job. We use them on a 3mm spindle and use a variety of grades, dependent on the job we are doing.”

Progressive Technology, who supply Formula one, Aerospace and Defence require an extremely professional finish on every item to ensure their outstanding reputation is maintained. Milica, went on to explain that, RODA NyWheels allow the user a huge amount of control and as they use them on a 3mm they are not bulky to use and extremely easy to change using the collet in their polishing tool.”

Moleroda are extremely proud to work with Progressive Technology and look forward to working on many more finishing projects into the future.

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