Eneska Sonic – Ultrasonic System for lapping and polishing

Eneska Sonic – Ultrasonic System for lapping and polishing

£4,738.02 incl VAT

Eneska Sonic – Ultrasonic Lapping & Polishing System

ENESKAsonic – speed up and improve mould tool polishing. The latest generation for finest stock removal on hard materials. An outstanding sophisticated design combined with convenient high-tech equipment.

We recommend Xebec ceramic stones for ultrasonic polishing. Diamond machine files can also be used.

Moleroda Product Code: ENESKA-0012000-1
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£4,738.02 incl VAT

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Eneska Sonic – Ultrasonic Lapping & Polishing System

Eneska’s ultrasonic polishing system is ideal for mould tool polishing. An abrasive tool vibrates quickly and enables filigree work and the finest surface processing. Polishing using Ultra Fine Ceramic stones are perfect for polishing mould tools due to the range of grades available and the small precise sizes allowing micro precision polishing. This method is particularly well suited for working on edges or ribs, in bores or other deeper points because of its high power and precise tooling. Thanks to the built-in auto-tune function, the ENESKAsonic automatically determines the correct frequency for the clamped tool. The Boost function can be activated for particularly demanding tasks in order to achieve maximum system performance.

Highlights of the ultrasonic system:

-Intuitive high-quality glass touch operation with rotary controller, -Modern LED-assisted multi-functional display

-Boost function for applications requiring greater power

-Auto-Tune function determines the optimum frequency

-Idle timer detects unused handpieces and protects against wear

-The 140 g lightweight handpiece enables fatigue-free work.

-Reverse-compatible with ENESKA 2-1 handpieces.

-USB charging connection

-“100% Made in Germany”

The set contains the following components:

1 x control unit ENESKA Sonic (Order No. 0 012 001)

1 x ultrasonic handpiece JUS-45PB-ES (Order No. 0 012 003)

1 x handpiece support, standard, black (Order No. 0 011 110)

1 x tempered glad screen protector (Order No. 0 011 098-G)

1 x power cord set (Order No. 0 007 435-1)

2 x 4 A fuse for 110 V use (Order No. 1 711 407-1)

1 x allen key (Order No. 0 006 304)

2 x chuck key (Order No. 0 006 347)

1 x tool holder – Ø 3 mm bore (Order No. 0 006 306-E)

1 x tool holder – 1 mm slot width (Order No. 0 006 310-E)

Check out this video below to see the Sonic polisher in action. 

Fine Grinding and polishing in other industries

The Eneska Sonic is starting to be used in other industry’s because of advances in engineering requirements. Firstly ultrasonic polishing is becoming popular in printed or laser sintered parts due to the micron removal or material which can be achieved. Secondly this micro polishing is also popular in the Jewellery industry for fine engraving or precision work.

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