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The Professional Polishers tool of choice. Over 30 years of experience and knowledge has been used to develop a quality product like no other. Designed and manufactured in the UK alongside polishing specialists, RODA Felt is the market leader in specialist finishing.
The Benefits

  • RODA Felt is made in the UK, in our Wiltshire factory. You can order bespoke felt and ensure your order is quick and efficient.
  • Hard and medium density felts are most often used with cutting compounds of which we supply both!
  • Soft and soft/medium density felts are normally used with polishing compound for final finishing. Again, we supply both densities!
  • Our felt can be used with a huge range of tools including; air tools, micromotors, flexshafts and pendant drills. They even go in Dremels, hobby tools etc.
  • RODA Felt is popular in Jewellery workshops and also engineering workshops.
  • Felts can be used for polishing; tool steel, steel, stainless and alloy.
  • It can also be used on brass, copper, gold, silver and most others.
  • Felt is an excellent carrier for diamond compound as well as all other types of compound.
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