Case study: RODA NyWheels for precision finishing

RODA NyWheel

Case study: RODA NyWheels for precision finishing

Progressive Technology are market-leading, award-winning, sub-contract engineers.

They manufacture precision parts in incredibly short lead times, specialising in advanced CNC multi-axis machining, fully-finished carbon components, class-leading patterns, structural foams and three dimensional additive manufacturing.

They have been buying RODA NyWheels for many years from Moleroda and in this case study explain why this product is so key to their finishing process. 

The Progressive Technology Group produce complicated work to extremely high standards. They require a finish on every component that is exacting, professional and will ensure their customers requirements are met.

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Abrasives for Power Tools

RODA NyWheels – Sample Pack

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Moleroda working closely with the customer

Moleroda Finishing Systems have been working with Progressive Technology for many years, helping to ensure the finish their customers require can be achieved. One of the most popular products that Progressive use from Moleroda is RODA NyWheels. Dorin Milica, Quality Control Manager, at Progressive Technology explained why RODA NyWheels are so popular, “When we want to remove sharp edges quickly, without effecting the surface finish, RODA NyWheels are the best tool for the job. We use them on a 3mm spindle and use a variety of grades, dependent on the job we are doing.”

Professional Finish  

Progressive Technology, who supply Formula one, Aerospace and Defence require an extremely professional finish on every item to ensure their outstanding reputation is maintained. Milica, went on to explain that, “RODA NyWheels allow the user a huge amount of control and as they use them on a 3mm they are not bulky to use and extremely easy to change using the collet in their polishing tool.”

Moleroda are extremely proud to work with Progressive Technology and look forward to working on many more finishing projects into the future.

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More Information 

For more information on polishing give us a call – we have experts here who have been polishing for years! 

And take a look at our You Tube page for videos of us hard at work finishing! 

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