Grainlock Cold Cement – HD 6.5kg

Grainlock Cold Cement – HD 6.5kg

GRAINLOCK HD 6.5KG. This is a cold cement for gluing abrasive grit to a mop to create a scurf.

The most widely used cement for all grain sizes up to 240 grit. Heavy duty.

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Grainlock Cold Cement – HD

Grainlock HD is the most commonly used cement  for all grain sizes up to 240g -Heavy duty

This cement is used to create a scurf using aloxite grit. Essentially a flexible grinding wheel or satene mop.

Method of Application –  MAKING A SCURF

Heading-up Buffs

1)   Clean face of wheel, thoroughly removing all traces of grease, glue or foreign matter.

2)   For best results, a sizing coat is recommended.  Brush the sizing into the face of the wheel until it is saturated.  Air dry for 1/2 hour then dry at 150°F for one hour.  Allow wheel to cool to room temperature before setting up. Sizing penetrates into the face of the wheel, creating a stronger bond for the heads of cement and abrasive which will follow.

3) Apply first head of cold cement straight from the container by brushing thoroughly into the face of the wheel.  Roll wheel in the abrasive grain.  When it has dried sufficiently, add second coat of grain and permit wheel to air dry for 1/2 hour before placing it in a drier for the recommended period.

4) Before placing the wheel on the spindle, break up the surface by gently tapping the face of the wheel with a round bar. This is because a well-broken face will aid in cutting.

5) NEVER let set-up wheels wear down to the nap, leave a little cushion head when ready for re-setting.  This saves time and reduces the amount required for a new sizing coat, as well as leaving the wheel more firm and durable.

6) Wheels should be thoroughly dried after setting-up. Drying can be carried out in air for at least 24 hours, or alternatively in heated driers.  In all cases, free circulation of air is required to give uniform temperature and optimum conditions.


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