Tree Carbide Burrs – Pointed (G-Shape) – on 6mm shank

Tree Carbide Burrs – Pointed (G-Shape) – on 6mm shank

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Tree (Pointed) shaped carbide burrs on a 6mm shank.

Available on 1/4” shank (Please contact us for ordering)

*Please note* Some of the less common sizes are made to order and can take 1-3 weeks.

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Ref. Head Dia x Flute (mm), Cut
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£14.90£74.64 incl VAT

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Tree Carbide Burrs – Pointed 6mm

Tree Carbide Burrs – Pointed 6mm Spindle

  • Carbide burrs are used for a wide range of stock removal and grinding operations.
  • They are useful on a wide range of materials, particularly hard ones such as metal, ceramic, plastics and even wood.
    • Plain Cut is for general purpose fluting. The second most popular cut.
    • Double Cut is the most popular fluting style. It is very efficient at stock removal, it creates a small chip resulting in a smoother finish.
    • Diamond Cut is for use on heat treated and tough alloy steels where control is important. Creates a powder-like chip.
  • Carbide is commonly used in deburring and for engineering. It offers better long term performance than other materials such as HSS (High Speed Steel).
  • Carbide burrs need to be used at relatively high speeds.
  • Ideally suited to use with air tools, flexible shaft systems and micromotors.
  • Popular in all industries. Commonly used by our precision engineering customers for deburring mould tools and other general deburring.

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Ref. Head Dia x Flute (mm)

G0616 (6 x 16mm), G0819 (8 x 19mm), G0919 (9.5 x 19mm), G1219 (12.7 x 19mm), G1225 (12.7 x 25mm), G1625 (16 x 25mm), G1925 (19 x 25mm), G1938 (19 x 38mm)


Plain Cut, Double Cut

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