Abrasive Mounted Points – W Parallel shape Pink Vitrified points

Abrasive Mounted Points – W Parallel shape Pink Vitrified points

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Abrasive mounted points are used for grinding and deburring all materials such as aluminium and steel.

These Pink Vitrified points are available in a range of parallel cylinders in various sizes from 2.5mm to 20mm diameter.

Abrasive mounted points come in three grades: Pink (most popular grade) –Ruby (coarser for rapid cutting and grinding)

All points are supplied on a 3mm size shank / spindle.

Per pack of 10 points 

Type, Size - Cylinder - Dia x length
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£15.67£18.10 incl VAT

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Abrasive Mounted Points – Applications:

Pink W-Shape (Cylinder) Vitrified Mounted Points are used for many applications with in the metal fettling industry.

  • Fabricating – blending welds on steels and alloys.
  • Mould tool engineering – for repair and stock removal, weld blending and cleaning of tools.
  • Precision Engineering – for grinding and deburring on all metal surfaces to modify and chamfer edges.
  • Art/Sculpture/jewellery/watch making – general grinding and precision material removal.


  • Pink – The most popular points these have a low chromium content. These abrasive mounted points are hard and leave a good clean finish, the points are long lasting and maintain their shape well.
  • Ruby – The coarsest grade for a heavier grinding affect – good on castings and harder steels.

Please note MOQ’s may apply for Ruby grade.

Other points are available including a non-clogging, non loading point for Aluminium – please contact us for more information.

Abrasive Mounted Points – Use in:

Air tools – Puma pencil grinder, High speed pencil grinder, NSK precision grinder

Micro motor – Eneska 4-1,

 Supplied with:

3mm shanks / spindle (1/8th inch shank is available) larger points on a 6mm spindle are also available.


Additional Information

Weight 0.06 kg

Pink (most popular), Ruby Coarser grade

Size - Cylinder - Dia x length

W142 – 2.5 x 6mm, W144 – 3 x 6mm, W145 – 3 x 10mm, W146 – 3 x 13mm, W152 – 5 x 6mm, W153 – 5 x 10mm, W154 – 5 x 13mm, W160 – 6 x 6mm, W162 – 6 x 10mm, W163 – 6 x 13mm, W164 – 6 x 20mm, W174 – 10 x 6mm, W176 – 10 x 13mm, W177 – 10 x 20mm, W178 – 10 x 25mm, W185 – 13 x 13mm, W200 – 20 x 3mm

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