Micro Grinding Points 1.7mm on 3mm

Micro Grinding Points 1.7mm on 3mm

£37.67 incl VAT

Very small mounted vitrified points, ideal for detailed work.

1.7mm dia. on 3mm spindle 320g Aluminium Oxide (With a very hard vitrified bond)

Per pack of 10

£37.67 incl VAT

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Micro Grinding Points 1.7mm on 3mm Spindle

Micro grinding points (micropoints) are some of the smallest available.

Introduced to provide a precision small finishing point, for fine finishing and the ability to dress to a shape.

Much smaller than the other mounted points we offer on a 3mm spindle.

Use for getting into very tight areas for deburring. Taking off sharp edges in small holes, pierced areas.

Finer grit than our other pink mounted points, they are 320g.

They have a very hard vitrified bond, strengthening the small profile.

We also offer even smaller heads, 1mm on a 3mm spindle.

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