Short Diamond Machine Files DS Type

Short Diamond Machine Files DS Type

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These short diamond machine files are ideal for use in a Diprofil Reciprocating machine or with an Ultrasonic Polisher. These precision files have a shorter 3mm diameter shank size to fit directly into your turbo lapper or NSK Eneska file machine. They are ideal for working on mould tools for removing material in small detailed areas.

They are available in a huge range of shapes – Flat, Square, Knife Edge, Triangle, Half-round, Round and Crossing.

Overall length 50mm Shank Diameter 3mm


Diamond Grit, Size and Shape
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£10.05£15.72 incl VAT

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Short Diamond Machine Files – what can you use them for:

Short Diamond Machine Files can be used in a reciprocator (Diprofil) filling machine for more efficient filing action.

You can use them..

These are coarser than using our popular Ceramic stones, therefore they will remove more material if that is what you require.

Our precision engineering customers commonly use these files for mould tool repair – for operations such as flattening a weld or adapting a mould or die.

Short Diamond Machine Files – size and shapes:

These files are 50mm overall length and are on a 3mm diameter spindle. The diamond files are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

The files come in a range of grits:

Coarse D151

Medium D126

Fine D64


Additional Information

Weight 0.015 kg
Diamond Grit

Fine D64, Medium D126, Coarse D151

Size and Shape

Crossing 5r x 2.5r, Round 4mm, Round 2mm, Half-Round 1.5mm, Triangle 4mm, Triangle 2mm, Edge 4 x 1mm, Square 2mm, Flat 5 x 2mm, Flat 4 x 1mm, Flat 3 x 1mm