Mounted Calico Polishing Mop

Mounted Calico Polishing Mop

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Mounted loosefold calico polishing mops. Perfect to use with a micro motor, pendant drill or Dremel type hobby tool. 

Used for detailed polishing for all metals – when used with polishing compound.

Available on a 3mm and 2.35mm spindle and in a variety of diameters. Jewellers tend to use the smaller 2.35mm and Engineers use the more sturdy 3mm spindles.

  • Available in Hard – Medium – Soft calico. Hard is more cutting, soft will give a brighter finish.
  •  Made by us! In our UK factory.
  • Max RPM 25-40mm Dia 12,000RPM

Sold per 10.

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£7.05£15.38 incl VAT

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Mounted calico polishing mop – what polishing are they used for?

These small mounded calico polishing mop are excellent for metal polishing.  You would use Calico is with polishing compound to bring up a mirror finish on most prepared metal surfaces.

  • Engineering – Mould Tool Polishing – many precision metal components require polishing – Use with Diamond polishing compound for very precise work.
  • Jewellery making – Pendant motors are popular in this industry, using a Dremel or a pendant motor allows full control polishing into small areas. Jewellers tend to use a 2.35mm spindle. When polishing gold or Silver use these calico polishing mops with Rouge polishing compound.
  • Fabrication – restoration –  general metal working on any metal such as alloy wheels to ovens, basically anything which might require a polish or touch up. Use these polishing mops with the correct polishing compound (because there are different compounds to suit different metals) to reach the desired affect.

What machine do I use my mop with?

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Large calico polishing mops for use on a polishing motor for larger items.

Felt bobs are also very popular for this style of polishing.

For Jewellers

These mops are very popular with Jewellers because they are nice and flexible, reaching round curved forms. Hard and medium are ideal for use with cutting compound such as Apollo. The soft grade is excellent for a final finish, though you could follow with a cotton yarn mop for the ultimate bright finish.

Choose a 2.35mm spindle in 25mm diameter.

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3mm, 2.35mm (3/32")


Hard, Medium, Soft


22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm