Cylinder Carbide Burrs (A – Shape) on 6mm shank

Cylinder Carbide Burrs (A – Shape) on 6mm shank

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Cylinder shaped carbide burrs on a 6mm shank.

*Please note* Some of the less common sizes are made to order and can take 1-3 weeks.


Ref. Head Dia x Flute (mm), Cut
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£12.23£70.60 incl VAT

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Cylinder Carbide Burrs 6mm shank

Cylinder Carbide Burrs 6mm Spindle

  • Carbide burrs are used for a wide range of stock removal and grinding operations.
  • They are useful on a wide range of materials, particularly hard ones such as metal, ceramic, plastics and even wood.
    • Plain Cut is for general purpose fluting. The second most popular cut.
    • Double Cut is the most popular fluting style. It is very efficient at stock removal, it creates a small chip resulting in a smoother finish.
    • Diamond Cut is for use on heat treated and tough alloy steels where control is important. Creates a powder-like chip.
  • Carbide is commonly used in deburring and for engineering. It offers better long term performance than other materials such as HSS (High Speed Steel).
  • Carbide burrs need to be used at relatively high speeds.
  • Ideally suited to use with air tools, flexible shaft systems and micromotors.
  • Popular in all industries. Commonly used by our precision engineering customers for deburring mould tools and other general deburring.
  • These SGS Cylinder Carbide Burrs 6mm shank are great for cutting support structures on 3d printed parts and also for general grinding and deburring. commonly used for castings and for blending machine lines.

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Ref. Head Dia x Flute (mm)

A0312 (3 x 12mm), A0416 (4 x 16mm), A0616 (6 x 16mm), A0625 (6 x 25mm), A0819 (8 x 19mm), A0919 (9.5 x 19mm), A0925 (9.5 x 25mm), A1125 (11 x 25mm), A1225 (12.7 x 25mm), A1625 (16 x 25mm), A1925 (19 x 25mm), A2525 (25 x 25mm)


Plain Cut, Double Cut

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