Sunburst Radial Wheels by Dedeco


Sunburst Radial wheels for cleaning and polishing are a unique range of thermoplastic-bonded abrasives. They are ideal for deburring, finishing, cleaning and polishing metals, plastics, acrylics, ceramics and woods.

Available individually & in handy assortments in multiple grits, shapes and sizes. Colour coded for easy identification.

Use with precision flex- shaft tools and micro-motors, bench & variable speed angle grinders. Preferred choice for CNC machines and robotics where conformability and durability are key.


JEWELLERY – Precision range is ideal for finishing, smoothing and high-lustre polishing of all precious, semi-precious and non-precious metals. No messy compounds required! Even the pumice discs will not scratch stones.

WOODWORKING – Superior to sandpaper, flap wheels and other types of sanders, brushes and abrasive wheels for woodcarving and woodworking.

INDUSTRIAL – Instantly removes rust, corrosion, paint and more from metal surfaces. Especially effective on aluminium and stainless steel for MRO, metal fabrications and job shops serving Aerospace, Auto, Marine and general industry.

SUNBURST radial bristle discs and brushes are the perfect alternative to wire and nylon. Experience improved performance without threat of injury.

SAFER – Danger from high-velocity needle-like flying wire is eliminated.

FLEXIBLE – Will not scratch of gouge the underlying surface.

BETTER – Works faster and more efficiently than wire brushes. Easily achieves a constant, quality finish with light pressure.


CONFORMABILITY – Flexible bristles conform to contours, cracks and corners while working equally well on flat surfaces.

LONG-LASTING – Uniformly blended bristles guarantee extended wear life and a consistent, uniform finish.

COOL RUNNING – Generates minimal heat reducing potential damage or distortion to the work surface.

OPERATING SPEEDS – Recommended operating speeds for most applications is 3,000 – 18,000 RPM (5,00 for wood working). Lower speeds allow a softer touch, greater flexibility and more subtle results. Higher speeds provide more aggressive material removal. Using the tip of the bristles with light pressure maximizes disc life.

MODULAR – Use a single disc for tight areas like slots and grooves or stack them for larger surface area.

Sunburst Radial wheels for cleaning and polishing are ideal for a range of sectors and industries. Get in touch for more information and samples. 


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