Micromesh the cushioned abrasive

Micromesh – the cushioned abrasive is an incredible product. Moleroda is Europe’s largest distributor of Micromesh from Micro-Surface in the USA.

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Micromesh is famous for polishing and cleaning aircraft windows and Transparencies,  but even if you don’t own an aeroplane, you can use it for polishing acrylic, glass, fibreglass, granite, ceramic, copper, jewellery, marble, stainless steel and even fingernails.

Micromesh is more flexible than sandpaper. Micromesh is a cushioned abrasive It’s easier to get into small and irregular surfaces and the chance of scratching is reduced. From Model makers to the Aerospace industry there are products suitable for your polishing application on all surfaces. Micromesh:

  • Produces a finer finish
  • Lasts 7 to 10 times longer
  • Achieves desired finish in fewer steps
  • Keeps cool when using

Micromesh and Instrument Manufacturing and Restoration

Micromesh will help achieve the finish a hand-made instrument deserves. Customers use Micromesh on the finest violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows, guitars, pianos and more.  Approved for use even on Stradivari. It can be used to get a sheen, gloss or just generally for varnishing and for getting the perfect finish.

Many instrument makers and restorers use a range of grits from 1,500 all the way through to 12,000 grit sanding lightly with each fine grit. They love Micromesh because it comes in such fine grits it wont strip and is very soft.

For more information on Micromesh grades check out our blog here

Micromesh abrasive and polishing Kits

Micromesh Individual Products

Micromesh suppliers

Moleroda is Europe’s largest distributor of Micromesh.  We are happy to ship wholesale volumes, or individual products.


You’ll be pleased to hear this means we will have a wider stock of products including some new ranges such as the 2 x 2” Micromesh Soft Touch Pads.

Also new A/O Aluminium Oxide abrasive and also Micromesh MXD Diamond which will be a great addition to the Micromesh range.


Moleroda is Europe’s largest distributor of Micromesh. Please contact us with your requirements. We would love to work with you.

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Micro-Surface Products

Genuine and high quality Micro-Surface products. We are a Master Distributor for this USA manufacturer.

Industrial Finishing

Micro-Mesh  Regular and MX grades are used in manual and machine finishing operations for plastics, metals and hard woods.

What is a Cushioned Abrasive?

Micro-Mesh is made with a cloth backing, followed by a layer of formulated latex. Then the silicon carbide or aluminium oxide crystals are bonded to the latex with a flexible glue.

How does Micromesh work?

When contact pressure is applied to the crystals recede and rotate to present their sharp cutting surface. The abrasive crystals all cut and work evenly across the surface.

Why is Micromesh Better?

The abrasive crystals can move back in the cushion, a much larger abrasive crystal can be used to achieve a very fine consistent and uniform scratch pattern. The larger crystals and the flexible backing result in longer lasting abrasive that resists loading and reduced heat build up. Micromesh can be used in fewer stages to produce a polished finish making it the economical choice for professionals world wide.

Acrylic Restoration Using Micromesh

In 1970 MicroMesh revolutionised aircraft cabin and windshield restoration and polishing. Today these defence and army approved product range restores crazed and scratch acrylic on boats, aircraft, automotive industries. Micromesh – the cushioned abrasive 

Micromesh has its own grading system, check the chart below for the conversion