Twisted in Wire Cross Hole Deburring Brushes

Twisted in Wire Cross Hole Deburring Brushes

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Twisted-in-Brushes also known as Tube Deburring Brushes are used for light deburring and surface finishing of internal bores. Available in various materials including Abrasive Nylon (Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide), Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Brass.

We have a limited number online but can offer many other options. Please see the images for charts of other options available. Also see charts for dimensions.


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£10.08£19.51 incl VAT

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Uses for Deburring Brushes:

These tube brushes are used for cleaning bores and removing burrs on cross holes intersecting bores or burrs which have been rolled into a bore. Moleroda supply three main types of twisted tube bush:

Abrasive Nylon Twisted in Wire brushes 81-AY

These are ideal for removing most burrs, they can be used on most metals, including Aluminium and stainless steel. You can choose the grit grade of these brushes so a 320grit brush would leave a very good surface finish on the bore. 81-AY miniature brushes are specifically designed for through-hole application.

Standard Duty Brushes 85-S (Stainless Steel):

For heavier burrs, Stainless Steel deburring brushes should be considered. Series 85 standard brushes are suited well to blind hole or bottom end applications.

Standard Duty Brushes 85-B (Brass)

Series 85 standard brushes are suited well to blind hole or bottom end applications.

Both wire brushes are ideal for cleaning applications to remove chips, oil, dirt, rust and corrosion from inside holes.

If you do not see the size, grit, material you are looking for please contact us as a wide variety are available.

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Miniature Brushes 81-AY nylon abrasive, Standard Duty Brushes 85-S (Stainless Steel), Standard Duty Brushes 85-B (Brass)


TIW81AY 14mm 320g S/C, TIW81AY 1/4'' 180g S/C, TIW81AY 2.5mm 320g S/C, TIW81AY 2mm 320g S/C, TIW81AY 1.6mm 320g S/C, TIW81AY 3/8'' 180g A/O, 85-S562 9/16'' – 1.1/2'' – 5'', 85-S625 5/8'' – 1.1/2'' – 5'', 85-S375 3/8'' – 1.1/4'' – 4.1/2'', 85-S250 1/4'' – 1.1/4'' – 4.1/2'', 85-S437 7/16'' – 1.1/4'' – 4.1/2'', 85-S875 7/8'' – 1.1/2'' – 6'', 85-B1250 1.1/4'' – 2.1/2'' – 6.1/2'', 85-B1000 1'' – 2'' – 6'', 85-B812 13/16'' – 1.1/2'' – 5'', 85-B625 5/8'' – 1.1/2'' – 5'', 85-B500 1/2'' – 1.1/2'' – 5'', 85-B250 1/4'' – 1.1/4'' – 4.1/2'', 85-B219 7/32'' – 1'' – 4''

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