LY128 Pendant Motor Accessories

LY128 Pendant Motor Accessories

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The LY128 Pendant motor  is very powerful and reliable. 24,000rpm rotary tool and we sell all the accessories for it.

This flexible shaft or Pendant Motor is a very powerful machine with ample torque for most cleaning and polishing applications. The flexible shaft if well made and robust. Inner cables tend to wear after lots of use which is typical of any flexible shaft.

  • Maximum no load speed 16,000 rpm
  • Power 550 watt output – Lots of torque
  • Flexible shaft length: 42″ (1090mm)
  • Hand piece chuck capacity: 0 – 4mm
  • Will spin an object up to 40mm diameter
  • Foot pedal controlled.
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£7.34£218.52 incl VAT

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This LY128 Pendant Motor Accessories:

  • Fixed straight hand piece
  • Foot Control
  • (Stand not included but can be easily hung from most places)

Benefits – very reliable, good torque, easy to use, doesn’t over heat, value for money.

Foot control inner cable and shaft, handpiece can be purchased separately (the inner cables are a consumable item and can break and replaced easily).

Uses for the pendant motor: 

This rotary tool has many applications. Dremel style tools are popular in many workplaces – engineering, Mould tool makers, Jewellery makers, metal workers and hobbiest. However this machine offer a small handpiece but high torque and will not over heat or stop. This tool is perfect for any metal polishing application and can be used with felts and other polishing bobs with diamond paste or other compounds for a high shine.

This pendant motor can also be used for deburring – tools such as pink mounted points, carbide burrs and other abrasives can be used to break edges, clean machine lines, remove burrs or generally clean machined or cast parts etc. generally in precision engineering applications.

Jewellers and hobbyists commonly use this type of machine for any type of metal work. This is a great starter machine.

Engine porting for bikes and also cars for race teams or general bike / car parts polishing. Alloy rims etc. This type of equipment is used in many garages.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions N/A

Complete system – Motor, handpiece & foot control, Inner & outer cable and handpiece, Inner cable Only, Foot control only, Carbon Brushes – Set of 2, Chuck Key