Grobet Vallorbe Needle File Sets (16cm)

Grobet Vallorbe Needle File Sets (16cm)

£61.43£138.20 incl VAT

Highest Quality Genuine Swiss Precision Needle Files – Grobet/Vallorbe.

Sold either as a 6-piece set or 12-piece set.

Available in cut 0 (coarse) and cut 2 (most popular medium).

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£61.43£138.20 incl VAT

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Vallorbe Needle File Sets

Vallorbe Needle File Sets available as a 6-piece or 12 piece set.

  • Needle file sets are a good way to sample various shapes and as an initial ‘starter’ set.
  • Ideal for students, hobbyists and professionals alike.
  • Needle files are used extensively across a wide range of industries for refining shape, removing burrs, filing excess solder, filing out scratches etc.
  • The most common cut is cut 2 which is a medium.
  • Needle files are normally used by hand either as they are, or more commonly, in a needle file holder.
  • Needle files are popular in all industries, including jewellery, precision engineering and mould tool polishing.

You can also purchase individua needle files here.

For Engineers

These files are extremely accurate, their edges are high quality, and crisp for total accuracy.

For Jewellers

Vallorbe files are extremely popular with jewellers, because they are so accurate and last well! This set gives a good selection of shapes suitable for jewellers.

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Weight 0.12 kg

Set of 6 (Cut 0), Set of 6 (Cut 2), Set of 12 (Cut 0), Set of 12 (Cut 2)

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