Micromotor System Urawa: Motors and Handpieces

Micromotor System Urawa: Motors and Handpieces

£80.66£916.59 incl VAT

An excellent modular system to suit a wide spectrum of uses and budgets.

Individual motors and handpieces – mix and match!

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£80.66£916.59 incl VAT

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Micromotor System Urawa – Handpieces and Motors

Micromotor System Urawa is a clever modular system with a wide range of options to suit a number of industries. From precision engineering to jewellery these machines offer a system which can be added to with a range of fixed and separate handpieces.

These machines are suitable for prolonged use and offer the operator better feel than a flexible shaft system and less drag from its far smaller cable connection.

A complete rotary system with fixed handpiece is available here.

Individual fixed handpieces specs:

Urawa Handpieces

See below the full range or control boxes, motors and handpieces.

BS33 Belt Sander:

Belt Speed: 77.7~777m/minute

Dimensions: L160 x H119mm

Urawa Spares


Additional Information

Weight 25 kg

Foot control FS18, UT15 reduction joint, UT06 angled head, UT11 long slender head, UT03 power rotary head, UM23 Motor 3,000-30,000 rpm, UM21 Motor 1,500-15,000 rpm, UM20 motor 800-8,000 rmp, BS33 Belt Sander, UA12A Fixed Handpiece, UA13A Fixed Handpiece, UA14A Fixed Handpiece