Micro Pencil Grinder PUMA AT-3170 Type G

Micro Pencil Grinder PUMA AT-3170 Type G

£102.65 incl VAT

Air Micro Pencil Die Grinder, 3mm collet for precision engineering – most popular air tool. This tool is excellent for any detailed grinding or deburring. These tools are a must have for any precision engineering company. This air driven tool is cheap and easy to use. Details :

  • No Load RPM: 58,000rpm
  • Collets Avaliable: 3/32″, 3mm, 1/8″ – Comes with a 3mm only .
  • Overall Length: 132mm
  • Net Weight: 200g
  • Body Diameter: 15.5mm

This pneumatic tool has a twist on off switch so a small amount of speed control can be applied however this will then reduce the amount of torque of the machine. The tool has good power and torque on full speed (58,000 rpm).

£102.65 incl VAT

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Micro Pencil Grinder

Micro Pencil Grinder Type G AT3170

58,000 RPM (a 70,000 RPM version is also available)

Comes with 3mm collet

(2.35mm and 1/8” collets also available)

Uses: This tool is very commonly used for de-burring. Its commonly used with carbide burrs and diamond burrs for removing burrs and edges off machines parts.  This pneumatic tool is very light weight and has a very small hand piece which many of our customers find useful.  The quality of this type of tool has increased and these now have lower vibration so they have better control.

This is one of our most popular tools and suits most workshops with adequate airlines.

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