Micro Pencil Grinder fast speed PUMA AT-3180 – 70,000rpm

Micro Pencil Grinder fast speed PUMA AT-3180 – 70,000rpm

£134.92 incl VAT

  • Runs at 18,000 to 70,000 rmp – very fast speed
  • Light Weight – 210g
  • Small size – easy to get into tight spaces
  • Better Quality Tool
  • Comes in smart plastic box – not as shown
  • Low vibration (0.11 – 2.3m/s)
  • Comes with a 3mm collet – 1/8th and 3/32″ are also available

£134.92 incl VAT

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Micro Pencil Grinder

Micro Pencil Grinder Type G AT3180

70,000 RPM

Comes with a 3mm collet

2.35mm and 1/8” collets also available separately.

(58,000 RPM Version)

High speed micro pencil grinder – pneumatic driven. This Micro Pencil is very similar to the very popular Type G Air Tool however this grinder run at 70,000rpm this is much faster than most air driven grinders.

The advantage of a faster running air tool are when using small carbide burrs, diamond points and small cutting tools a faster speed will give a smoother and more controlled feel. Often when optimum speeds are not reached points/burrs tent to bounce and are tricky to control. If the optimum speed is met then the tools will work smoothly and give a better finish and result.

Uses: The extra speed allows optimum use of small carbide burrs, diamond points, other points – most of these small point between 6mm and 1mm diameter heads require speeds of 50,000 to 70,000 rpm. You will find that using small points at these speeds will produce much better results, the points will run true and work much more efficiently.

These tools are commonly found in a de-burring section on any precision engineering company. They are used with small points and carbide burrs to remove metal burrs or to add a chamfer and remove a shape edge on a ground or machine finished automotive, defense, oil and gas, aerospace components.

Weight 1 kg