RODA MX Points- New Range!

We are excited to launch our very own brand new premium range of MX points.

Why RODA MX Points?

If you haven’t used MX Points,  these products are an absolute MUST HAVE for any precision finisher who is attempting stock removal/ deburring but does not want to take too much off.  They allow far more control when blending than using a carbide burr. A carbide burr also runs the risk off taking too much material off. However, our specialist MX Points allow the removal of material without changing part geometry.

Ultimately, these points will allow you the precision and cut that no other product can give. 

Why has Moleroda launched a brand new MX Range?

Our new MX Points are made of Molded polyurethane. They use sharp cutting aluminium oxide, an abrasive that is long lasting, tough and cuts fast to leave a fine finish without marring the substrate.

The MX points are tough enough to withstand edge deburring. The points come in a range of sizes and can be tailored to meet specific project needs. They’re suitable for a range of industries, applications and work pieces, from plumbing fixtures to medical instruments..

Using these MX Points in our new range makes cutting and deburring as smooth as cutting butter!

Benefits of RODA MX Points – Moleroda’s New Range 

  1. Allows absolute control
  2. Smooth cutting
  3. No vibration
  4. Cool running
  5. Fast cutting

Reasons you need RODA MX Points – Moleroda’s New Range 

1. Will ensure higher quality pass rate on your parts
2. Reduce time spent finishing
3. Lower your cost per part
4. Help achieve the surface finish demanded by your customer
5. Increase efficiency 

What tools would you use with RODA MX Points?

We would recommend the following tools to use with RODA MX Points:

  • The Eneska Micromotor is the absolute premium in micromotors and top recommendation. With variable speed, options for various angled heads and ability to reach 50,000 rpm. 
  • The NSK Air Grinder a very high quality air grinder, ideal for MX points with speeds up to 60,000 RPM.