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Available in three shape types: W, B & A, and Three Colours:-

  • Pink – the most popular. Aluminium Oxide, with low/medium Chromium Oxide content. Fine Finish. Hard – retains shape longer.
  • Ruby – Aluminium Oxide, with high Chromium Oxide content. Generally coarser grit than Blue. Excellent stock removal on die work, casting and general grinding and deburring.
  • Blue – Aluminium Oxide. A finer grit. General work with a low to medium stock removal to produce a good surface finish.

If you cant find exactly what you are looking for please contact us as we have a wide range of points and wheels not listed.

£12.79 incl VAT
£52.39 incl VAT
£29.16 incl VAT
£34.40£52.06 incl VAT

Mounted Tools

Truing Stone

£11.41 incl VAT
£26.16£78.44 incl VAT
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