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Moleroda do a huge range of polishing and finishing kits for use in the home, for customers who have small bits of polishing or for customers who want to give polishing projects a try and are just beginners!
Our kits are used for a huge variety of applications including:

Kits include:
Mop Kits: Kits including mops for use with bench polishers with pigtails or with a taper mandrel and a rotary tool.
Drill Polishing Kits: Kits suitable for DIY use, with a standard drill.
Angle Grinder Polishing Kits: Kits for use with Angle Grinders.
Small Mounted Polishing Kits: Mounted product kits for smaller tools such as Pendant Motors, Dremels, Hobby Tools, Micromotors and Air Tools. Suitable for DIYers and Jewellers.

Small Mounted Polishing Kits

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