Spinner magnetic deburring and polishing machine

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Introducing the Spinner Machine a Magnetic system for deburring and polishing small metal components.

Non Ferrous metals including aluminum, brass, stainless steel and titanium can be deburred and fine finished, however, most steels, certain plastics and precious metals can also be  processed without any effect on tolerances or damage to delicate areas and as a result will achieve a bright smooth finish.

– The gentle process means that it does not degrade corners or edges of components.

– Ideal for use on external and internal threads, slots, chamfers and intersecting holes

– The shape and size of the media means it will not lodge or jam in or around the features of the component.

– The machines can be programmed at a slow speed for deburring or sped up for finishing and polishing. Processes can be tweaked to suit individual requirements.

– The magnetic deburring is not too aggressive so leaves a lovely bright shine on the metal and will not take the components out of tolerance.