RODA NyWheels – Mounted Abrasive Nylon Wheels on a 2.35mm Spindle

RODA NyWheels – Mounted Abrasive Nylon Wheels on a 2.35mm Spindle

£7.90 incl VAT

RODA NyWheels – Mounted Abrasive Nylon Wheels on a 2.35mm Spindle

Satin Finish Pendant Wheel

RODA NyWheels are one of our best selling items, we manufacture them here in our UK factory and distribute around the globe. They are available in a wide range of grits each suitable for a different job from brush finishing gold to heavy scratch blending on stainless steel.

Also available on a 1 lap and select grades available in a 3 lap, please call for a quote.

For RODA NyWheels on a 3mm click here

Sold per pack of 10.

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£7.90 incl VAT

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RODA NyWheels –

Satin Finish Pendant Wheel on a smaller spindle for the jewellery industry.

One of our best selling items, is our RODA NyWheels  Mounted Abrasive Nylon Wheels on a 2.35mm Spindle.  We manufacture them here in our UK factory. They are available in a wide range of grits each suitable for a different job.

Mounted Abrasive nylon wheels offer abrasive cleaning and satin finishing on a full range of materials – gold, silver, aluminium and steels etc. Take a look at our video which shows you exactly what RODA Nywheels can do.

The best feature of abrasive nylon is that requires no compound to work. Consequently, this makes them clean and quick to use.

They quickly and efficiently remove and blend machine lines. They work particularly well on threads and down holes. The material gives a consistent finish for a smart, clean result.

Please contact us if you require advice on your specific application.

Roda NyWheels  – Grades available:

Sold on 2.35mm and 3mm here spindles which will suit a pendant motor, micromotor, air tool or hobby tool. All tools vary, therefore we recommend checking which spindle your particular tool takes. – Some of our Customers use these mounted abrasive nylon mops in the CNC machine for Automatic deburring and finish.

Popular with all industries, they are used for cleaning and finishing. White is popular in the dental industry for plastics. All ‘red’ grades are popular in the precision engineering industry particularly, although these are our most popular grades with all industries. C120 HDMA and M400 Green are our best selling grade in all industries. M320 MA and green are popular with jewellers for satin finishing.

Colin Irving, Buyer at Walker Precision

“We have been buying RODA NyWheels for over 15 years. These mounted products give a great finish, they smooth the metal while taking the burrs off.  We supply a range of industries, including Aerospace and Satellite and work a lot with aluminium and the RODA NyWheels are the ideal tool for finishing our parts.”

For Engineers

This is our most popular product with engineers in general. The various grades cater for all metals. They are excellent tools for smoothing and brightening metal as well as giving an even textured finish that can be replicated time and again. The most popular grade is C120 HDMA and is a good place to start when starting out with these mops.

Please note these wheels are on a 2.35mm spindle. This is not overly common with engineers, a 3mm spindle is more often chosen and can be found here.

For Jewellers

Nylon wheels are excellent for cleaning up your castings as well as applying a decorative satin finish.

We would recommend

C120 HDMA for a nice heavy satin finish, it is quite abrasive so a light touch is needed

M400 Green or C180 CA for a soft satin finish

F600 UFS for a very very light satin finish, this is also a good point to polish up from if using it to finish castings etc

Video showing the Eneska 4-1 Micro Motor System 

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22mm, 25mm

Thickness (laps)

2 laps

Spindle size

2.35mm (3/32) Spindle

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