RODA NyWheels – Mounted Abrasive Nylon Wheels on a 2.35mm Spindle

RODA NyWheels – Mounted Abrasive Nylon Wheels on a 2.35mm Spindle

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RODA NyWheels – On a 2.35mm Spindle

One of our bestselling small abrasive tools. Ideal for use with micromotors, air tools, pendant motors, and all rotary tools.  NyWheels are the ‘go to’ product for deburring and cleaning metals.

RODA NyWheels are made of circles of nylon abrasive layered and held together at the centre on a 3/32″ shank. The small shank makes it ideal for customers doing extra precision finishing and particularly favoured by the jewellery industry.

RODA NyWheels are available in a wide range of grits and can give a consistent milder satin finish to a coarser satin finish.

Manufactured here in our UK factory and distributed around the globe.

For RODA NyWheels on a 3mm click here

Sold per pack of 10.

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RODA NyWheels

£7.06£18.88 incl VAT

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RODA NyWheels Satin Finish Pendant Wheel


Applications of RODA NyWheels on a 2.35mm spindle

RODA NyWheels offer abrasive cleaning and satin finishing on a full range of materials – gold, silver, aluminium, and steels.

  • Quickly and efficiently removing and blending metal
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Sateen finishing
  • Ideal for threads and rings for deburring/ cleaning
  • Cleaning up castings as well as applying a decorative satin finish


Benefits of RODA NyWheels on a 2.35mm spindle

  • Can be used on plastics and all materials without the risk of melting
  • Great deburring and surface finishing power on metals
  • From Ultrafine to Ultra coarse for varying finishing requirements
  • Fast results vs hand finishing
  • Consistent finish vs hand finishing
  • No compound required
  • Perfect for any size job and to get into any part etc
  • Stock available for next day delivery


Features of RODA NyWheels on a 2.35mm spindle

  • 10 available grades
  • 4 sizes available 22/25/30/40mm
  • Available on 2.35mm or 3mm spindle
  • Made in house in the UK
  • Can be used in CNC machine or in hand tool


RODA NyWheels on a 2.35mm spindle recommended use with

  • NyWheels will suit a pendant motor, micromotor, air tool or hobby tool.
  • They are a popular choice for machining in CNC machines for automatic deburring and finishing. – see blog here.
  • All tools vary, therefore we recommend checking which spindle your particular tool takes.


Relevant industries using RODA NyWheels on a 2.35mm spindle

  • Dental
  • Jewellery
  • Hobbyists


Recommendations for RODA NyWheels on a 2.35mm spindle

  • White is great for the dental industry for plastics on plastics
  • All ‘red’ grades are popular in the precision engineering industry
  • C120 HDMA and M400 Green are our best selling grades in all industries.
  • M320 MA and green are popular with jewellers for satin finishing.
  • C120 HDMA is ideal for a nice heavy satin finish, it is quite abrasive so a light touch is needed
  • M400 Green or C180 CA is ideal for a soft satin finish
  • F600 UFS is the best for a very very light satin finish, this is also a good wheel to polish up and finish castings etc.
  • Video showing the RODA NyWheel in action – see Recommended machine here



Colin Irving, Buyer at Walker Precision

“We have been buying RODA NyWheels for over 15 years. These mounted products give a great finish, they smooth the metal while taking the burrs off.  We supply a range of industries, including Aerospace and Satellite and work a lot with aluminium and the RODA NyWheels are the ideal tool for finishing our parts.”

Read more on the case study here. 


More Information:

Case study: RODA NyWheels for precision finishing

The Best Polishing tool for surface finishing

For more information on the right grade or size of RODA NyWheel for your application give us a call – we have experts here who have been polishing for years! We also can tailor our NyWheels to your requirements.


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