Casting Deburring & Finishing Tools

Across all industries there is often an element of casting involved in production. Irrespective of the material there is usually tough skin and sprues to be removed, then an all over even finish is required.

Moleroda supplies a number of specialist tools suited to cleaning up castings be it for Bronze, Steel, Aluminium or even precious metals.

Manufacturers are looking for the fastest way to finish their products, we can help get your jobs off the shop floor and out to your customer as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

Casting Deburring & Finishing Tools


Large Abrasive Flapwheels

For larger scale casting flap wheels remove material quickly and leave an even finish. Follow up with abrasive nylon for a smoother, well blended finish.
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Cylinder Carbide Burrs 6mm

Small Abrasive Flapwheels

Mounted abrasive flapwheels are better for smaller castings and work well where there is more difficult spaces to get in to or where smaller tools are available such as air tools and micromotors.
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Interleaved Flapwheels

Interleaved flapwheels work well after an abrasive flapwheel to smooth and blend any scratches put in and will give an even finish. Will remove casting grain on softer metals such as aluminium.
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Jewellers Finishing Wheels

Extremely popular with jewellers cleaning up castings they are generally very useful for smaller scale castings not just in precious metal.
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Needle Files

For removing the sprue once its been trimmed the best tool is a needle file on a small scale. Also good for giving the casting a once over if there are imperfections of tough scale.
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Micro-Mesh Flexifiles

Micro-Mesh works very quickly to give an even finish. Once the cast has been filed use a coarse flexifile to smooth the file lines and give an all over sand.
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RODA Unitized Point

Unitized Points

Unitized points work brilliantly for blending after sprue removal. Can also be used for an all over finish but works particularly speedily to blend where the sprue was.
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Carbide burr blending machine lines on a turbine

Air Tools

Does the job, a common tool that is cheap to buy and easy to use if you have airlines. Various styles to choose from.
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Bench Polisher

Moleroda stock a variety of polishers to suit your application. Large polishers work well with the large abrasive flapwheels.
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Shotblasting Cabinets

From the very small scale micro-blasting units through to Rosler industrial units, we can help you find the right equipment for your casting needs.
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Shotblasting Grit & Glass Beads

We can supply the correct media to use with you shotblasting unit to suit the material you are working with.
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Shotblasting Gauntlets

Moleroda stock all you need for shotblasting including gauntlets.
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Micro Blasting

This small cabinet allows detailed blasting on intricate castings. The smaller blast gun also allows finer grits to be using giving smoother and more favourable finishes.
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Vibro & Mass Finishing

Rosler Vibratory Bowls

Depending on the scale of your casting we can supply high quality Rosler Bowls and Troughs to suit.
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Vibratory Media

Perhaps most importantly we can help you find the right vibratory media to suit the castings you are cleaning up from cutting to finishing.
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Safety Equipment

Moleroda supplies a full range of safety and lighting equipment. You can see our full range of safety equipment here. Here are the essential safety items used when deburring and finishing casting jobs:

Carbide burr blending machine lines on a turbine

Safety Glasses

With all that metal flying, protect your most important asset with safety glasses from Moleroda.
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Dust Masks

Whilst choosing from our range of abrasives, don’t forget to protect yourself from metal and abrasive particulates.
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Automatic deburring

Manual process are costly and time consuming and no matter how good the person is it’s hard to be consistent. Vibratory finishing is a very cheap way to process batches of components.

  1. Rolser machines – we offer very delicate process in vibratory finishing machines which uses very light abrasive media so allowing  high precision parts to be deburred whilst retaining  a bright machine look finish. We understand that some deburring required is only taking a sharp edge to a precision edge.
  2. In CNC sequence Or Robotic operated – More and more people are asking for tools to deburring in the machining centre sequence. With cleaver programing and good abrasives this is now readily achievable. Contact us for our advice.


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