Abrasive Nylon Roll – Non-Woven material

Abrasive Nylon Roll – Non-Woven material

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150mm x 10m Roll of abrasive nylon material. Other sizes available on request. For an extremely economical option, simply tear off sections as needed.


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£47.82£111.29 incl VAT

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Abrasive Nylon Roll

Abrasive nylon roll works brilliantly for cleaning and applying satin finishes to metal. Depending on the grade you have selected, different finishes can be applied.

The abrasive nylon (scotchbrite) material is impregnated throughout with grit, therefore it works on it’s own without you needing to add compound. As a result it is a really clean product to use.

Due to being in roll form it is a very economical product because you can just tear or cut off a small piece to use at a time. It is the same material as lap disc mops, therefore we find it is very useful to have around when using similar products for touching up.

Popular with mould tool polishers, fabricators, polishers, sculptors etc

Choose from the following grades:

HDVCA – The most aggressive abrasive nylon material. c80

Superior Brown – A very heavy duty cloth but leave a very clean bright medium grade finish. Longer lasting material, equivalent to 3M 7440 C100

Black Super Cut – Silicone carbide abrasive with a sharper cut that leaves a bright finish to match pre-blended steel. c110

HDMA – Heavy duty abrasive nylon material for severe conditions, but a finer finish than HDCA. C120

CA – A general purpose 180 grit abrasive nylon material.

MA – A general purpose 320 grit abrasive nylon material.

GREEN – A non-abrasive material for light deburring and cleaning operations. 400 GRIT * cheapest and General Use pad.

UFS – Ultra Fine Silicon carbide leave a very smooth silky like finish. f600 grit.


Moleroda Offer Hand pads of non-woven abrasive nylon HERE

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Weight 2 kg

HDVCA RED C80, Superior Brown C100, Black Super Cut S/C C110, HDMA RED C120, CA RED C180, MA RED C320, Green M400, UFS GREY S/C F600

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