Abrasive Discs – Self Adhesive for grinding and polishing

Abrasive Discs – Self Adhesive for grinding and polishing

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Abrasive Discs  – Self Adhesive Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide Discs for grinding and polishing.

Abrasive discs available in 10mm to 75mm diameter discs. Grits from 60 grit very coarse for hard grinding and removal of metal to 2500 grit which is very fine almost polishing.

The discs allow grinding on a flat surface such as a mould tool or dies.

Please contact us for our range of Self Adhesive Rings

Sold per pack of 50 discs 


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£6.57£22.33 incl VAT

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Abrasive Discs – Self Adhesive for grinding and polishing

Moleroda Finishing Systems makes Abrasive Discs in our Wiltshire UK factory. If you require discs in any material or size please ask us for a quote.

Self-adhesive discs are regularly used for Mould tool Polishing as you can maintain a flat surface during grinding.

we manufacture discs in a range of abrasives from 60g to 2500g. other finer grades are available. They are available in both Silicon carbide and aluminium oxide.

Using Abrasive Discs in this way is the cheapest method of removing material – other options would be using mould polishing stones but this can be a laborious job.

Holders for discs:

Moleroda supply a range of disc holders in 3mm and 6mm size spindle.


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Weight 0.075 kg
Disc or Ring



10mm dia, 20mm dia, 25mm dia, 30mm dia, 50mm dia, 75mm dia


60g Aluminium Oxide (coarse), 80g Aluminium Oxide, 120g Aluminium Oxide, 150g Aluminium Oxide, 180g Aluminium Oxide, 240g Aluminium Oxide, 320g Aluminium Oxide, 400g Aluminium Oxide, 500g Silicon Carbide, 600g Silicon Carbide, 800g Silicon Carbide, 1000g Silicon Carbide, 1200g Silicon Carbide, 1500g Silicon Carbide, 2000g Silicon Carbide, 2500g Silicon Carbide (very fine)