XEBEC Extended Deburring Tools – Cross hole deburring tool

£22.67£56.20 incl VAT

These new grinding stones XEBEC Extended Deburring Tools are ideal for accurate precision cross hole deburring. The burr is carefully removed without damaging the drill holes. The elastic shaft with 2mm flexible radius reduces the danger or breakage during use. The special aluminium oxide fibre material ensures a high and continual grinding performance, works without creating grinding dust, which in turn reliable stops scratches on the work piece! They are self-sharpening so provide a continuous and stable grinding performance.  These can be used in a machine centre, NC lathe, robot etc.

Cross hole deburring tool shapes:

  • Ball shape – removed only the cross hole burrs without damaging the periphery of the cross hole
  • Cylinder shape – suitable for removing cross hole burrs in a dead end hole.

70mm Length comes as standard, however, the 220grit is available in 70mm and 150mm length.

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