Roda Nywheels nylon sanding wheel – Take a close look to see why it’s the abrasive for you

Roda Nywheels nylon sanding wheel – Take a close look to see why it’s the abrasive for you

RODA NyWheel

Roda NyWheels are the Precision Engineers choice for deburring and finishing.

Moleroda Finishing Systems manufacture Roda NyWheels in their Wiltshire factory. We have had another record breaking year making staggering volumes of these Roda NyWheel nylon sanding wheels. We have huge success across multiple industries due to the high quality and high performance of this abrasive tool.


Why use Roda? 

Durable … Fast …. Effective

Moleroda use only the best quality nylon abrasive to make our Nywheels, this means they last longer, cut faster, blend smoother and finish finer than another abrasive on the market.



Who is using Roda NyWheel nylon sanding wheel?

  • Formula One Cars – perform faster
  • Airplanes and turbines –  run smoother
  • AM and 3D printed parts –  finished quicker
  • Jewellery – Polished Perfectly
  • Medical implants –  in tolerance and on time

New Fixed Handpieces

The results

Materials and finishes

Abrasive RODA NyWheels can be used on a range of materials from Hard Tool Steel to Aluminum and also used for really soft metals such as gold or silver in the Jewellery industry.

They are also widely used for removing rubber trim, composite materials, wood and other plastic materials.

These abrasive wheels are flexible and allow work into tight spaces and undulating surfaces making them easy to use and reduce the risk of over processing which might occur with a burr or point.

Ask for Roda NyWheels …. Buy Now 

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Not sure which grade to buy? 

Our grade chart should help you find what you are looking for.

For the rough sanding and blending on most Metal materials try:

Our 100 grit Superior Brown grade is a must have in any tool kit. This coarse grade is perfect for sanding back a surface, deburring rough edges, cleaning up machined part or cleaning AM components. The beauty of this grade is that it cuts well but leaves a very smooth finish.

After using this grade I would recommend our Green 400 grade for a silky smooth finish.

Moleroda Roda nylon grades More information in our Roda PDF

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