Household DIY with RODA

Household DIY with RODA

We all have those household jobs that we put off, as they are a real chore and take too long and a lot of elbow grease! Household DIY can be made easier with RODA.

Some of Moleroda’s RODA products can be used in household DIY to help you effectively and quickly do your jobs around the house!

RODA is a superior range of polishing and deburring products. RODA products are manufactured right here in our UK factory. Each product consistently over-delivers on performance and efficiency.

RODA comes in a variety of sizes, grits and shapes  – all to suit whichever job you are doing. RODA products can be used on a drill, micromotor, angle grinder or bench grinder. Check out our RODA NyWheel video here.

In this post, Lucy has used RODA NyWheels on a dremel drill to take off the rust, grease, dirt and burnt on food off her oven shelf.  She could have used a micromotor which would have allowed her to control the speed much better, but around the house most of us only have normal dremels-which work fine.

Household DIY - cleaning the oven shelf

The Process and the Tools

For this particular household job, RODA NyWheel on 3mm spindle was the best tool for the process.

Lucy used a mixture of 30mm diameter and 40mm diameter and as her shelf was so filthy she used the HDMA grade. However, you could use slightly softer grits including 110 (black) or green which is for general polishing.

Don’t forget to wear the appropriate safety equipment while deburring and cleaning. Lucy used safety glasses and wore a face mask. 

oven shelf - before RODA oven shelf - after RODA


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