How to finish your printed parts

Additive Manufacturing Post Processing Challenges


The development and increased use of 3D printing and additive manufacturing has meant new and challenging demands on post processing. This can lead to expensive and time consuming reworking of parts which often requires deburring, grinding and/ or polishing.

Moleroda Finishing Systems have a range of products and tools to help finish even the most challenging printed parts. We also have the expertise to be able to advise on you on what products would work for the finish you require. If you are asking yourself the following questions, then we can definitely help:

• How do I remove the support structures quickly and easily without damaging the mould?
• What is the quickest and most effective way of achieving my desired surface?
• How do I process moulds that are difficult to access?

How to finish printed parts safely


During post processing of additive manufactured parts, chips and dust are released and can be harmful to the users health and safety, There is also a fire risk when finishing these parts. The ENESKApostpro has been designed specifically for these challenges. The postpro is made up of a sealed work chamber, equipped with all the tools you will require for postprocessing. It can hold large or small parts or even several parts at the same time and is easily accessible with an integrated compressed air pistol.

  • Protects user from fire hazards
  • Protects user health from dust
  • Can be used for all materials
  • Wide variety of operations can be implemented at one station
  • Complete extraction of resulting fine dusts
  • System can be adapated to users needs
  • Sealed work chamber
  • Dimmable leds
  • Holds several parts at one time
  • Easily accessible
  • Integrated compressed airpistol
  • Lock during use and change of heights
  • Special cleaning process through air shower

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Post Processing Tools

In order to finish your additive manufactured parts you will require a tool with enough power and precision to tackle the most challenging surfaces. Selection of the correct drive plays a crucial role in processing the widest range of materials.

ENESKAmicro is a great basis for optimum surface results.  Especially in the case of materials such as titanium, stainless steel or nickel-based alloys, a high working speed with an equally high and constant torque is required. Fluctuating speeds are otherwise negatively transferred to the surface to be processed.
With the ENESKAmicro motor system, we combine these high motor outputs with highly ergonomic handpieces for the most diverse applications in additive manufacturing. Particularly through the multitude of handpieces and their possible combinations, the ENESKAmicro provides the optimum basis for covering everything ranging from removal of the support structure to finishing. NSK micromotor

Removing Support Structures

One of the first stages in post processing an additive manufactured component is to remove the support structures. These will need to be removed quickly and effectively. Accurate work using precise tools, right from the outset, saves time and expensive working hours during postprocessing.

Plastic  The strengths and processing possibilities of plastics are widely different.

Abrasives for Power Tools

Dedeco TA Radial Discs 3″

£10.68 incl VAT

Abrasives for Power Tools

Rubber Polishing Cylinders

£0.41 incl VAT

Metals and non-ferrous These metals do not always make it easy for us in everyday life. Machining can get very tough with the wrong tool. Materials that are difficult to machine are best processed using diamond tools. Super-hard diamond cutting material is excellently suited for short-chipping materials. The tremendous hardness has many advantages, e.g. long service life as well as geometric and dimensional stability and therefore allows processing of the hardest materials such as Inconel and Titanium.

Diamond Points - FG - 1.6mm Shank

Diamond Points on a 1.6mm Spindle – FG Series

£2.48£27.07 incl VAT

Diamond Points and Wheels

Diamond Wheels / Cut-Off Discs

£7.86£9.05 incl VAT

Coarse Surface Finishing

As with any activity, preparatory work needs to be carried out prior to surface finishing. The more precise this is, the less effort is required for rough work and finishing. Especially when machining hard materials, tools with long service lives and maximum cutting performance are required.

£34.85£42.19 incl VAT

Diamond Points - BM Series - 3.0 mm Shank

Diamond Points on a 3mm Spindle – BM Series

£3.40£16.39 incl VAT

Post Processing

What happens when the support structures have been removed, but the workpiece needs to be given a better surface? There are many possibilities here. Two alternatives worth recommending are grinding and blasting. Grinding is a metal-cutting production process for precise and final machining of workpieces. Blasting is a surface finishing method in which blasting shot is projected at high speed on to the workpieces. The blasting result essential depends on the type of blasting shot selected, in addition to various machine types and configuration parameters.

£162.26 incl VAT
£29.04£31.01 incl VAT
£1,765.75 incl VAT

Polishing and Finishing

Finishing involves the final processing stages to improve the surface – either for technical or purely aesthetic purposes. Depending on the material, tool and processing technique, surface results ranging from linear to mirror polishing can be achieved. The first steps towards a shine are accomplished by using grinding files and/or abrasive cloths.
If the surface is to be polished to a shine, polishing felts are used in combination with diamond compounds. Gradually better and increasingly brilliant surface results can be obtained by step-by-step use of the compounds from coarse to fine.

£28.07£62.62 incl VAT
£11.65£14.17 incl VAT
£11.00£48.68 incl VAT
£10.00£40.51 incl VAT

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