Diamond Points on 1.6mm – FG Series

Diamond Points on 1.6mm – FG Series

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FG Diamond Points on a 1.6mm shank. Sold Each. See images for sizes and shapes available. These points are hard to get hold of so stock may be limited. Please call us if you require a size not listed – there may be stock.


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Diamond Points on 1.6mm

£2.48£27.07 incl VAT

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Diamond Points on 1.6mm

Diamond Points on 1.6mm are very fine therefore making them ideal for detailed work. The small 1.6mm spindle allows for a smaller finer end. Diamond points can be used on a whole range of materials including metals, gemstones, glass, stone, hard wood, ceramic, shell and porcelain.

Please note this spindle size is unusual so either a collet or chuck going down to this size will be necessary. Ideal for use with a micromotor, air tool or flexible shaft system. These points are popular for lapidaries, jewellers, precision engineers

We also do a range of points on 3mm (BM) and 2.35mm (HP)

For Engineers

Ensure you have a collet or handpiece which can take a 1.6mm spindle. Diamond points are extremely handy for very intricate burr removal.

For Jewellers

The points are very small making them ideal for jewellery work. Generally they would be used for things like engraving or removing excess solder in tight spots. The 1.6mm spindle is not standard for jewellers but if you have a chuck you may be able to tighten down to this size or you may have a 1.6mm collet for your tool.

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501 – 1.6mm Dia, 525 – 1.0mm Dia, 540 – 0.9mm Dia, 541 – 1.0mm Dia, 543 – 1.5mm Dia, 551 – 1.2mm Dia, 556 – 1.6mm Dia, 557 – 1.3mm Dia, FG Collet Reducer 2.35mm – 1.6mm

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